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Alchemist as an Allegory.

my ISU presentation...

Vaishali Deswal

on 4 June 2010

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Transcript of Alchemist as an Allegory.

The Alchemist as an Allegory The Fountain
-Darren Aronofsky
Izzi Queen Isabel Tommy & Izzy Paulo Coelho 2000AD Tommy through time... 1500AD 2500AD Urim and Thummin "If you want something, the
whole universe conspires to help you to achieve it..." Izzy dying
" All these years, all these memories,
there was you. You pulled me through time." FEAR OF DEATH Symbols "Death is a disease, there is
a cure and I will find it." thank you
for watching Common Themes:
Importance of Dreams

Personal Legend Circular Voyage Alchemy principal used:
constanly changing world
Hardwork and Patience result in acheivement of gold. (takes a lifetime)
But the spritual acheivement is of enlightenment and self discovery. Spain Gypsy Women Old King Reaches Africa Crystal Merchant Englishman (MONOMYTH) Fatima Alchemist Pyramid of Egypt
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