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Chapter 4: Pedagogy of the Oppressed

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Christopher Montero

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 4: Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Pedagogy of the Oppressed Chapter 4 Chapter 4
p. 125-137 "Revolutionizing Leaders in Society" Chapter 4 p. 138-148 Characteristics of Antidialogical Action
conqueror imposes his objectives on the vanquished and makes them his possession
Oppressors' deposit myths indispensable to the preservation of the status quo
Divide and Rule:
as oppressor minority dominates majority, it must divide it and keep it divided in order to remain in power
conform masses to their objectives
occurs when organization for liberation starts Chapter 4
"Cultural Invasion"
p.149-160 -Instrument & Result of domination
-Act of violence
There are....
authors/actors in the process
being molded
are the objects of the invaders
ex: Americans/U.S gov't (INVADERS) & Native A. (INVADED)

-For Cultural Invasion to succeed..
it is essential that the ones being invaded become convinced of
their intrinsic inferiority. Chapter 4
pages 161-172 Chapter 4
pages 172-183 The media and the high class don't want the people lower them to be able to think for themselves, but to only follow their demands. Freire discusses how he doens't want the lower class to revolutionize against the high class. As a leader you must not be manipulated by the power and to help others rather than yourself. Ignorance to leaders is an unacceptable practice and they must be critical in their knowledge to help the people revolutionize against the oppressed. With the lower class being able to be well-educated and having successful leaders to help them they will be able to transform their causes to reality and the world would be changed. Praxis is an important symbol humankind. Culture Invasion
A characteristic of antidialogicity action is a cultural invasion
The oppressed are the object.
The metropolitan society has no options other than conquest, manipulation, economic and cultural invasion of the dependent society(our society)
Freire thinks this society will say"Let us carry out reforms before the people carry out a revolution."
Results in loss of values and aspects of this invaded culture(our culture) that it would transform into support for the oppressors. Unity for Liberation
•antidialogical theory
•dialogical theory Organization
•antidialogical action
•dialogical action
•essential elements of witness Cultural Synthesis
•antidialogical cultural action
•cultural invasion
•dialogical cultural action
•cultural synthesis Questions 1. The oppressors present the world as a problem and that we must adapt, do you see the world as a problem or as Dominant Elites vs. Revolutionary Leaders Freire believes that they are the same. Objectives(Same) procedures(Different) ((More useful)) 2. What are some examples of dialogical actions available for people overcoming oppression?
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