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FCCLA Entrepreneurship

No description

lorriel simpson

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of FCCLA Entrepreneurship

Nails Galore!!
Evidence of Online Project Summary Submission
Supplies and Equipment
Monthly-4 month inventory Inventory

Light bulbs
nail filers
foot scrub and heel to toe spray
artificial nails
base coat polish/gel
top coat polish
cuticle nippers
manicures brushes
cuticle pushers
packs of nail clippers
case of brush cleaner
cases of foot filers
nail polish remover
sanitizing wipes
hand washing soap
toilet tissue and paper towels
single use gloves
trash bags
Laundry detergent
nail glue
acrylic powder
acrylic liquid

By: Breonna Smith, Rodericha Jenkins, Lorriel' Simpson
This is Nail's Galore
Planning Process
Table of contents
Miller Grove High School
Lithonia, Georgia
FCCLA Entrepreneurship
Nail Designing
Planning Process/ Summary Page
Project Summary Submission
Business Description
Supplies and Equipment
Organizational Chart
Personnel Management
Funding for Business
Laws, Regulations,and Codes
Advertising and Recruitment
Works Cited/Bibliography
Stonecrest Station - 7105 Stonecrest parkway, Lithonia, Ga. 2,600 square footage

Gas:Georgia Natural
Water: Dekalb County Water
Electric: Georgia Power
Cable/telephone: Comcast xfinity

Emergency procedure
Maintenance Plan
Keep building clean.
Clean and sanitize all chairs.
Make sure employees stations are clean.
Change lights when needed.
Manager should be made aware of any needed repairs.
Polish must be stacked up neatly at all times.
Clean restrooms at least once every two hours.
Organizational chart
Jobs and task: (Sub- contractors)
Nail Technician: manicures and pedicures,cleaning and filing nails,applying false nails or extensions,decorating nails with colored varnish, transfers, gems or glitter,painting designs onto nails with an airbrush (by hand or using a stencil),repairing, looking after and removing false nails and extensions,checking for any signs of skin or nail problems before treatment, give clients advice about looking after their nails, and recommend nail care products.

Personnel Management
Funding for Business

Codes To Be Followed
-Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A)

-Georgia Department of Labor (GaDOL)

-Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

-Georgia State Board of Cosmetology Sanitary Regulations for Salons and Schools

Advertising and Recruitment
If there is a fire go through either the back door or front door immediately and call 911, however if the fire is small enough to stop, please grab the fire extinguisher and spray onto the base of the fire.

If any tornado, hurricane, or flood warnings are announced before employees arrive to work a call will be made to let them know to stay home, however if any tornado's or hurricanes occur while employees are at work, please stay calm, stay away from the windows, and get under shelter.

If there is a robbery please stay calm, do not provoke the thief, try to remember the face of the thief, and call 911.

If any injury occur, that is beyond first aid, call 911 immediately and stay with the injured person.
We at Nails Galore believe that everyone loves to be pampered, therefore, we strive to put a smile on our customers face.We will make it our duty that every person that steps in our facility is 100% satisfied. Nails Galore will be the nail salon that not only helps enhance the beauty of our customers, but bring joy to them every time they hear, see, or even speak of our salon.

Our nail salon will be open from 11am-8pm Monday through Friday, 9 am to 9 pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday .Nails Galore will provide personal services by appointment.


Manicurist and Pedicurist pay will be determined by the amount of customers they have a day. They are also under a 1099-Misc contract.

Benefits: dental and medical available, 3 paid personal days and 1 paid vacation day within the first year and a half of working at our establishment, service discounts, workers compensation.

Hiring Procedure: Fill out application(online or hard copy), follow-up interview, Drug test, background check, Reference check, job offer, training
Must be a licensed nail technician and have a drivers liscense.







-Mother's Day Special: 50% off all manicures and pedicures for all mother.
-Beautify Cancer Day: We go out to cancer centers/hospitals and give free manicures and pedicures for cancer patients/survivors.
-Parties groups 5 people and up gets a 20% off discount of their total.

Region 5
There is limited amount of parking spacing for the customers we serve.

Our goal is to satisfy every customer by enhancing their outer beauty experience.

Who:Nails Galore
What: A Nail Salon
Where: Lithonia, Georgia
When: Within the next 15 years
Why: Nails as an expressive art is our passion

Establish a sole proprietorship
Obtain a small business loan
Door to door advertisement through flyers
Establish customer base through various social media outlets

Follow Up:
As an owner that would need to be qualified as a technician
Begin working for a similar business first
Budgeting will be the key to our success
Contacting us through phone, for pesonal treatment is availiable. This will include a fee of $5 for appointments between the times of 9:30am-12:00pm Monday through Friday and $10 after 12.
Mobile Business:
Our funds now will come from our personal saving and we will receive financial support from our parents and donations.
Future Business
In our future business, we plan on saving at least $30,000 dollars in personal savings and get the Amber Grant, States Grant, and SBA loans for up to a total of $35,000.
Future Business
Income: $8,700 per month
Average spent: 7757.56
Rent: $3,900 per month
Gas:$200 monthly
Electric:$220 monthly
Water: $140 monthly
Cable/Phone: $125 monthly
Monthly supplies: $322.56
Insurance: $250 monthly
Pay Roll: $2,600

Manicurist booth rent( 5) at $235 per week- monthly total: $4,700
Pedicurist booth rent(4) at $250 per week- monthly total: $4000
Booth rent monthly total: $8,700
Manager: order supplies, making sure the establishment is under control, collect booth rent and pay the bills.

Website: www.nailsgaloresalon.com
IG: @NailsGalore_Salon
Twitter: @NailsGalore_Salon
Facebook: Nails Galore
Licenses and Permits
-Operation licenses

-Georgia State Board of Cosmetology

-City of Lithonia Business Permit

-Nail Care Salon Licenses

-Cosmetology Salon License

-Seller's Permit

-DBA Business Name Certificate
Annual Renewal
130-4-.08 Posting of Licenses, Rules, Reports and Inspection Reports.
(1)Each salon/shop shall post in an open area the current salon/shop license issued to them by the Georgia State
Board of Cosmetology, or a current copy of the online verification of licensure.
(2) Each person employed in the salon/shop shall post, in an open area, the current license/permit issued to them
by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology or the Georgia State Board of Barbers, or a current copy of the
online verification of licensure.
(3) Salons/Shops shall have posted in an open area at all times a copy of the most recent inspection report.
(4) Salons/Shops shall comply with rules for sanitation, health and disinfectants in Chapter 130-5 of the Rules
of Georgia State Board of Cosmetology.
(5) Sanitary rules and regulations governing salons or shops in the State of Georgia shall be posted in an open
area in the salon/shop so as to be easily read by customers.
130-4-.04 Cleanliness.
Walls, ceiling, floors, furniture and equipment must be kept free from excessive dust, dirt and debris. All
equipment must be kept in good and safe working condition.
130-4-.05 Plumbing, Hot and Cold Water.
Each facility must have proper toilet and plumbing facilities and an adequate supply of hot and cold running
water in accordance with recognized health standards.
130-5-.03 Sterilization.
The use of any article that is not properly cleansed and disinfected on any patron is prohibited. Hands must be
properly cleansed and sanitized prior to servicing each client.
130-5-.04 Waste and Garbage.
All waste material must be removed daily. Garbage shall be stored in a covered, washable container

130-5-.05 Cleaning and Recommended Disinfection of Implements.
(1) All multi-use tools, implements, and equipment used for cosmetology services that come in contact with a client must be cleaned of all visible debris after each use and disinfected after each use by complete saturation or immersion for at least 10 minutes in an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant according to the manufacturer’s directions. Autoclave is an acceptable method of sterilization. Each salon or shop shall provide correct wet disinfection and dry storage standards at all times.
(a) Multi-use items constructed of nonporous materials such as metal, glass, or plastic for use on more than one client include, but are not limited to the following items: nail clippers, cuticle nippers, cuticle pushers, scissors, shears, reusable nail forms, manicure and pedicure bowls, foot files, glass, metal and fiberglass files, metal drill
bits, tweezers, comedone extractors, brushes, combs, clips, reusable pencil sharpeners, reusable gloves, and any other metal tools/non-porous implements not listed above.
(b) Single use items shall be discarded after being used one time.
spa cleaner
Gel polish
nail decorations
China Glaze Polish
MK Polish
artificial toenails
Pedi- lotion
Stiletto nails
French artificial nails
Manis & Pedis
Regular Spa Pedi- $25
Deluxe Spa Pedi- $40
Regular Mani- $15
Deluxe Mani-$28
Regular Mani & Pedi Combo- $35
Deluxe Mani and Pedi Combo- $65
French Mani-$20
Gel Mani-$35
Nails- $8.00
Color Tip-$10.00
French Toes-$13.00
Color Tip Toes-$13.00
Solar Nails
Pink & White Full Set- $55
Pink & white Fill-in- $40
Pink Fill-In- $25
Acrylic Nails
Regular Full Set- $35
White/Color Tips- $40
Full Set-$40
Coating/ Over lay-$30
Fill- In- $20
Gel Nails
Regular Full Set- $45
Exotic Tips- $50
Fill In-$35
Children (10 &under)
Polished nails- $5.00
Polished toes- $$7.00
Mani& Pedi- $30.00
Solar Acrylic $30.00 $20.00
Solar French Tip $35.00 $20.00
Solar P&W $40.00 $30.00
Solar A.T $35.00 $20.00
Solar Color Tip $35.00 $20.00
Solar Glitter Tip $40.00 $30.00
S.A.T.S $35.00 $25.00
Soak Off Pedi $45.00 $30.00 Nail Art Set $15.00
SoakOff $10.00
Designs $5.00 (3 nails)
Repair $15.00 $2.00 each

Our Work!!
With all of the nail prices added together the approximate amount we would make a week would be $4,836.
With all of the nail prices added together the approximate amount we would make a week would be $4,836, therefore we would get our actual profit from how many customers come in the salon and what treatment they would like to recieve.
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