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Five Songs That Relate To Catcher In The Rye!

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Hannah Gallardo

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Five Songs That Relate To Catcher In The Rye!

Five Songs That Relate To Catcher In The Rye!
By Matchbox
I'm just A kid
-By Simple Plan
Something of Value
-By Yellowcard
Talking To Myself -
By Eminem
-By Kayne West
Throughout the book Holden lives on his own with
limited money and loneliness. Holden is all on his own and has to take care of himself throughout the book.He has no warmth, hardly anywhere to sleep and supposedly has a lot of "dough." Also he tells us he smokes and drinks in the past few days as hes been on his own. Holden is feeling this depression and sickness during the book. He later tells us he is out in Hollywood getting check ups in a tuberculous hospital. In my opinion this is his "Unwell" feeling.
This song is all about loneliness and not being heard. Throughout the book Holden is always feeling lonely. He is always trying to find any companionship with anybody he comes across, and acts like nobody cares about whats going on in his life. Holden has struggles trying to reach anybody to call that would seem to notice his struggles. In the beginning when he leaves Pency, he took twenty minutes just to find one person to call. At the end of the book loneliness to Holden seemed to get worse as he was getting sick.
This song explains that Holden looks at himself as wanting to just be a kid again. As his life is a nightmare already. He just wants to be a kid again who is "in a world alone." This song explains that since everybody is off doing there own thing, hes being forgotten and alone. Holden constantly feels like everyone is changing around him; going into adult hood. As he just wants people to stay young, pure and innocent.
This song refers to Holden always trying to run away from his problems. In the beginning of the book it tells us Holden is leaving Pency for having bad grades. He is running away from his problem of having bad grades and being kicked out. He is also running away from all the phonies. Additionally , he doesn't really fit in, especially with his family. His escape to run away is to drink and smoke. This is his way to escape from the world, even if its just for a little. Holden has a plan to go off and do his own thing, by running away from everyone.
Throughout the book Holden tries to find someone to have a conversation with. Not just some phony, small talk, but along real conversation. He wants a meaningful conversation "something of a value." For example he tries to make conversation with the cab driver, asking where do the ducks go in the winter time. He tries to call up anyone that might not seem phony to him just to have a drink and talk. His real passionate conversation was when he had met those two nuns. When Holden has those real conversations with people he feels that "something of value." That someone is listening to him and caring.
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