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Isaac Marshall, Ben Bernstein

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Isaac Marshall, Ben Bernstein

Isaac Marshall, Ben Bernstein T6
Five Fun Facts
Full Name: Gary Jules Agiurre Jr.
Age: 44
Location of birth: Fresno, California.
Type Of Music: Soft rock, Pop.
Radio Station: BBC RADIO 1
Gary Jules
Music Umbrella
We chose this
song because it
was, at the time,
Isaacs favorite song.
Mad World
Gary Jules
Sad, depressing, lonely
Instrument List:
Similar Bands and artists:
Peter Gabriel
Simon And Garfunkel
He is best known for the song Mad World.
He actually just covered it, it was origionaly written by Tears for Fears.
The song mad world has been played in hundreds of episodes of about 50 different shows.
The song has also been played in video games such as GEARS OF WAR.
He wrote another song 'Gone Daddy,' based on the story of him relocating his family after a man was shot in his neighbourhood
In conlusion Gary Jules is from california. He got famous from a cover of a song. And his music is soft rock/pop.
Gary jules is indirectly popular with
kids and teenagers because he has had
music on many popular shows and videogames.
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