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11 birthdays by Wendy Mass Prezi by Catie

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Catie Bru

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of 11 birthdays by Wendy Mass Prezi by Catie

11 birthdays
By: Wendy Mass

-Amanda's house
-Leos house
-Willow Falls
-Middle School
-The Museum
-the story takes place in a time just like our's today.
-they live in a town kind of like Lititz
In the book 11 birthdays a girl named Amanda is very excited to turn 11 they are getting ready for her party in the beginning of the book. She has her birthday party and it wasn't really what she wanted to happen. Nothing was going the way she planned. Then she wakes up the next morning and she has the same day AGAIN! Then again and again.She doesn't know what to do. Will she figure out?

11 Birthdays
By:Wendy Mass

I think the theme of the story is
never give up. Another theme is
Sometimes it is not fun to become older.
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