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Manage EAB Before IT Manages YOU

City council

Arlee Anderson

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Manage EAB Before IT Manages YOU

Death Curve Symptoms Biology Research Photo by PA DCNR Dont let the beautiful color distract you What is the
Ash Borer? It’s a metallic emerald green beetle
1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in length
Lifecycle revolves around ash trees Eggs hatch and become worm-like larvae Larvae tunnel through tree’s cambium soft tissue Trees begin to thin and decline
with in 4 years. Adult beetle lands on tree and lays eggs
2-3 weeks S shape destroying the path of water and nutrition Early Spring How EAB Kills Trees Treatment started in 2006 All Still Alive in 2011 Xytect Soil Application Research
(Toledo Island) The only surviving trees in all of Toledo No other ash trees are alive within 20 miles Spring Treated
Xytect high rate Dr. Dan Herms June 2009 How EAB Kills the Tree What is Emerald Ash Borer?
How to ID an Ash Tree & Symptoms
EAB Is Here - Know Your Options
Can Trees Be Saved?
Do you have a Plan? And All Other Native ash trees
NOT MOUNTAIN ASH What kind of Trees does EAB Attack? P. Wray, IA State U. Black ash P. Wray, IA State U. P. Wray, IA State U. EAB attacks only ash trees in the Fraxinus genus Green ash White ash Woodpecker damage Sucker growth Canopy dieback and thinning Emerald Ash Borer
Symptoms S- shaped larval galleries Bark splitting D-shaped exit holes Emerald Ash Borer
Symptoms 1/8 ” EAB Populations Build Up Undetected Year 2:
Moderate thinning
and chlorosis Year 3-4:
Heavy thinning
tree death Year 1:
No thinning Symptoms take time to show up – usually too late to do anything Bark Cracking EAB Populations Build Up Undetected Columbus, Ohio 2011 Same Street August 2009 Toledo Ohio June 2006 Emerald Ash Borer – Population Builds Exponentially –
Then 80% die in 4 years Fort Wayne Indiana Dead Standing Trees Courtesy Superintendent of Forestry FWA Chad Tinkel, When Emerald Ash Borer Reached the Exponential Death Phase

"The Trees Died So Fast That We Could Not Find The Contractors To Remove Them All" down your street, what does it look like now? What will it look like later? Treat or Don't ? Do Preventative Treatments Work? “Each of the 3 treatments that were successful have different application methods” “Trees exhibiting more than 50 percent canopy decline are unlikely to recover even if treated.” “Insecticides can effectively protect ash trees from EAB.” What do you think?
Is it worth the loss, when you
do nothing? Cost of protecting your tree
$40 - $150 year
Throughout Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana
Most Cities and Individuals Have Lost Their Trees Because
They Did Not Know Effective Treatment Existed

We still have time to get informed and take actions to preserve our urban forest before we lose 20% of our trees to the Emerald Ash Borer At this point it's too late for treatments Does this tree look healthy to you? Cracking bark Do You Value your ash tree?

Trees around your house can increase your property value by 15% or more
Reduce cooling cost 15% - 35%
Reduce water run off into our storm sewers
83% of realtors polled believe mature trees have a strong impact on the salability of a home “It (the borer population) doesn’t explode instantly. It takes some time to build up. But then it explodes exponentially. There are 60 million dead ash trees in southeast Michigan alone.”

Deb McCullough, a forestry entomology professor at Michigan State University High Pressure
Rapid Tree
Death Low Pressure
Symptoms slow to show up Emerald Ash Borer Exponential Death Curve 80% of the trees die in a 4 year period Any Questions? Thinning result from the borer activity You Will Face Hurdles
Without a Plan Have you been sick and needed penicillin or IV? Do you use a tick prevention on your dog? WALK Plan Ribbon programs NOW! Ask me HOW! http://www.emeraldashborer.info/#sthash.NxeVQJ6Y.dpbs EAB is an opportunity to remove poor stock or Stagger removals Don’t Treat Trees That are Unhealthy,
Have Poor Form,
or are
Growing in the Wrong Place Research in OH, MI, IN, and IL, shows:

Trees can be successfully protected during the rapid death phase if treatment is started ahead of major infestation.

Treatment, if used properly, is far more economical than removal of healthy trees in good locations.

Treatments can keep large numbers of trees in a community alive indefinitely. Can Trees Be Saved? Can This Be Stopped? “We have 4000 dead standing trees. Many have stood since 2011. I expect 3000 more to die this spring. There are so many dead trees that we cannot get them all down.” Cost of Removing Mature Ash Tree
$500 to $1200 for removal and hauling
$150 to $400 for stump grinding
$150 - $600 for planting a new tree
$800 TO $2200 Total Per Tree Treatment Can Be More Cost Effective Than Removal “When you do the math - its cheaper to keep your old tree than to cut it down and replace it with a new small sapling”

Dan Herms
Researcher at Ohio State University Adult lays about 100 eggs
56% are femaleOne life cycle
per year. Population builds at an exponential pace of 50X per year Small and high in
the canopy Branches Fall After Standing 1 year MN Find in 2009 For more information on EAB and Maps see website:
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