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Who was Harriet Quimby?

No description

Library Media

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Who was Harriet Quimby?

Who was Harriet Quimby?
On may first 1875 Harriet Quimby was born in Arcadia,Michigan.

Harriets famly were farmers, but very welthy.
Harriet had four sisters but three died from diseases. Harriet had one sister left and her name was kittie.
During the 1900,s Harriet's family moved to San Fransisco California.Thare Harriet became a writer for the Dramatic reveiw.
By Tatum&Will
Then Harriets famly moved to New York City.Then she got a job as a writer for Leslies illustated weekly. Then she published more than 250 articles were published in a span of nine years. Her articles were house hold tips to women.
one of her jobs was a screenwriter
Harriet was the most famous female avators.
Harriet was a key part in geting women to fly airplanes.
She learned to fly in New York and got her license in New York to. She also learned to fly with her friend Matidle Moisant.
She died by a crash when she was flying when her passanger died by falling out of the plane and she did the same.Her death was in the year of 1912.
Thanks for watching!
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