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No description

Sunny Lin

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Odyssey

The Odyssey:
Book 6

By Sunny Lin & Tommy Ou

Athena- Goddess of war and wisdom, daughter of Zeus, helps Odysseus and Telemakhos during their journey.
Odysseus- King of Ithaca, resembles physical strength of men; polite and sincere.
Nausikaa- Princess of Alkinoos kingdom, she is beautiful, virtuous and generous
Literary Devices

•Island of Skheria
•Palace of Alkinoos - Nausikaa's house.
•River bank - where Odysseus and Nausikaa met.

Main Characters:
helps Odysseus and Telemakhos during their journey:
"So on this night the goddess, grey-eyed Athena, entered the palace of Alkinoos to make sure of Odysseus' voyage home." (Line 16-18)
Help Nausikaa - to ensure Odysseus can meet Nausikaa
"...being given a bold heart." (line 151)
helps Odysseus and Telemakhos during their journey:
"So on this night the goddess, grey-eyed Athena, entered the palace of Alkinoos to make sure of Odysseus' voyage home." (Line 16-18)
to thank Nausikaa for her help:
"So he began, and let the words fall.... Child go to the dancing!" (line 160-169)

Pray for luck to Athena-
"Hear me, unwearied child of royal Zeus! O listen to me now - thou so aloof while the Earthshaker wrecked and battered me. May I find love and mercy among these people." (Line 343-346)
Independence - Shows that Odysseus doesn't need others help.
"Keep away a little; let me wash the brine from my own back, and rub on plenty of oil. It is long since my anointing. I take no bath, however, where you can see me- naked before young girls with pretty braids" (Line 232-236)
Virtuous and Brave
"Stranger, there is no quirk or evil in you that I can see." (Line 201)

"But now that you have taken refuge here you shall not lack for clothing, or any other comfort due to a poor man in distress." (Line 205-207)
"No: this man is a castaway, poor fellow; we must take care of him. Strangers and beggars come from Zeus: a small gift, then, is friendly. Give our new guest some food and drink, and take him into the river, out of the wind, to bathe." (Line 220-224)

"O listen to me now- thou so aloff while the Earthshaker wrecked and battered me."
-Odysseus, line 345

"On Mother's feeling much depends; if she looks on you kindly, you shall see your friends under your own roof in your father's country."
-Nausikaa, line 332-334
Social Views

People to each other- Host to Guests
Comparison to Modern Society
Children to Parents
Comparison to Modern Society
Monarchy to Democracy
Comparison to Modern Society
Comparison to Modern Society
Society Views on Women
And now Dawn took her own fair throne (line54)
"There like a god he sits and takes his
-Line 328
“Athena lent a hand, making him seem taller, and massive too, with crisping hair in curls like petals of wild hyacinth, but all red-golden.”
-Line 243-246
(1) Compare how the author describes Odysseus when he first arrives on the island and when he was mentioned in previous chapters by different respected kings.
(4) What does this chapter suggest about the future relationship between Odysseus and Nausikaa? What do you think will happen to Odysseus in Alkinoos palace?
Introduction to future chapters
Social Responsibilities
Future obstacle
Potential danger of magic
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