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Industrial Revolution - A 4

For this Presentation you will take the canvas, add to it and create your own path to tell your own story.

Molly Smith

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution - A 4

Britain's Experience Silas Marner
Spinning Jenny was a main part of the story
This book gave a window into the importance of spinning
at that time spinning jenny
Spun materials into fine, smooth threads
Helped people to make clothes in more quanitity and in less time, stimulating the economy

coal deposits railroads
Allowed countries to transport goods to it's different territories
This cut down costs on travel by foot/ animal mercantilism
The new dependence on techology made
countries self-sufficient because now they
could mass produce cloth by themselves Water Frame
Spun thread like a spinning jenny but the thread was much rougher/coarser
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