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Al Capone Timeline

No description

Dustin French

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Al Capone Timeline

Al Capone Timeline
Dustin French
English Studies
22 Oct. 15

Middle Age
Al Capone goes to jail for concealed carry of deadly weapons
Al Capones mind and body continued to deteriorate so that he could no longer run the outfit. On January 21, 1947, he had an apoplectic stoke. He regained consciousness and began to improve until pneumonia set in on January 24. He died the next day from cardiac arrest. March of 1950 Capone was buried at the Mount Carmel Cemetery on the far West Side.
Works Cited
Johnny Torrio retires after being threatened, puts Al Capone In charge
Pre Birth/Birth/Teen Years
Gabriele and Teresa, the parents of Al Capone, immigrate the the U.S.

Jan 17 1899
Al Capone born in Brooklyn, New York
Capone starts school in Public School 7
Al Capone expelled from school in sixth grade
Dec 30 1918
Al Capone married Mae Coughlin

Al Capone was influenced by Johnny Torrio
Al Capone moves from New York to Chicago, Illinois
Al Capones wife gave birth to their son, Albert “Sonny” Francis.
Al Capone takes revenge for the assasination
atempt on Torrio
Al Capone buys 14 room mansion in Palm Island, Florida
The St. Valentines day Massacre occured
"Al Capone Timeline." Timetoast. Web. 24 Oct. 2015.
"Al Capone Timeline." World History Project. Web. 24 Oct. 2015.
Al Capone dies of syphilis and cardiac arrest on 25 Jan 1947
Al Capone is convicted of federal tax evasion and charged
Al Capone is one of the first prisoners to arrive at Alcatraz prison
Al Capone returns to his home on Palm Island, Florida
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