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Crossing the chasm

No description

Simon Bates

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Crossing the chasm

Early Majority
Focus on support and staff workshops
Building adoption into programmes and programme teams
Hand holding
Culture of risk taking
Statement of purpose
Generate the showcase
Insert Voice magazine
Crossing the chasm
Simon Bates, e-Learning Project Manager UWE Bristol
Early Adopters
Participative Change Strategy
The Chasm
Late Majority
Negotiated change strategy
Directive Change Strategy
Are likely to work in faculty already
Inspired by an outside influence
You are going to work with these people to:
Understand benefits
Develop a grand narrative
Lessons learned and technical information
Likely for managers to provide incentives for engagement
Greater focus on organisational priorities and business drivers
Integration and enhancing security
Large role for peer group to influence adoption
High degree of policy development
Directed change strategy
Likely to include performance management
High degree of peer pressure
May never adopt innovation
Motivated by advantage
Easy to engage with
Lots of support
Focus groups
Recruited as 'Change Agents'
The cross over point between community and hierarchically driven change
Flash point, adoption is most at risk
Involvement of management and other organisational structures is key
Informed through working with previous to groups
SharePoint Resources
Some lessons learned
Very different approach to transformational leadership
Management support is not always vital at the start but will be to 'cross the chasm'
Person centered approaches give way to systems and processes in the end
The head and tail should not set policy, focus in the middle
Influence can only be exerted by people in the preceding group

Lets consider our different groups for some projects you work, what are their needs and what do you need to do to 'Cross the Chasm'?
Let Jim, Ray, John and Robby provide you with some inspiration....
Educative change strategy, 'hearts and minds'
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