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Caitlyn G

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Nouns

you should have
1. Winter

2. Man

3. Gate

4. Car

5. School

6. Ball

7. Doctor

8. Door

9. Girl

10. Moon
1.Winter is very cold.

2. The man was tall.

3. Close the gate.

4. The car moved fast.

5. School started early.

6. Catch the ball.

7. The doctor worked fast.

8. Open the door.

9. The girl was happy.

10. Look at the moon.
Game testing you
Work with you teams to get the most points and treats for the entire winning team
1. The teacher told the student that a person should always be loyal.

2. People with perseverance will be successful in life

3. I bought a new pen at the drugstore across the street.

4. The man said to the policeman that he had not seen the accident.
What is noun?
You probably already know that... I hope;)
Here are some examples just in case:
A word that can be used to refer to a person, place, thing or idea.
person: someones name or the career they pursue
place: a country, city, town, store etc
thing: a book, pen, pencil
Pick out all the nouns in these sentences
1. teacher, student, person

2. people, perseverance, life

3. pen, drugstore, street

4. man, policeman, accident
Get them right and you will get a prize
you have 12 seconds to get the most correctly answered.
another game for another prize
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