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Michael Jackson: Earth Song

No description

Jakirshan Ketheeswaran

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Michael Jackson: Earth Song

Michael Jackson: Earth
Song I Chose:
The Song I've decided to do for my music project is the Earth Song, By Michael Jackson.
Social Influence Towards It's Creation:
Value of the song
During the development process, Michael Jackson's goal all along was to send a meaningful message. After witnessing what earth was experiencing, Jackson decided to send society a message regarding planet earth's current state with the release of "Earth" . Through his music and lyrics video, Jackson attempts to encourage other individuals to take action and to do something about the ecological unbalance currently taking place. If you pay close attention to the lyrics, he says "What have we done to the world, look at what we have done to the world." This is an obvious reference to human behavior towards earth and also helps us acknowledge the fact that we are destroying our planet.
Further Investigation
Artist: Michael Joseph Jackson (Micheal Jackson)

Genre: Pop

Song Release:November 27, 1995
Music Video
Lyrics Video
Michael Jackson created this song in order to depict what our planet is currently experiencing. The meaning of this song is very important to our everyday lives and is something that has been continued for quite a long time. Jackson wants to educate individuals that all the wars, pollutions, and poverty is actually having a negative effect on earth and it's inhabitants. But since the Earth is speechless, Jackson decided to create this song to send a message to society.

Lyrical Relations
Midway through the song, the lyrics of the third verse read
" What have we have done to the world
Look what we've done
What about all the peace
That you pledge your only son...". Through this verse, Michael is trying to go in depth on how society behaves towards mother earth. The line that reads "What about all the peace you pledge your only son" is referring to the the negative effects earth will have on the younger generation if this kind of misbehavior continues.

Furthermore, the lyrics in the fourth verse reads "Is there a time
What about all the dreams
That you said was yours and mine...
Did you ever stop to notice
All the children dead from war
Did you ever stop to notice
This crying Earth, this weeping shore?"
This verse was put into this song to show how many humans today are ignorant and don't care about the planet they inhabit in.
This can also mean Jackson's way of saying people are slefish and only care for themselves.

Michael Jackson's Point of View
For the "Earth song", Michael Jackson felt the need to discuss about our planet due to the immense pain it had brought upon him. During one of his interviews , he said "I was feeling so much pain and so much suffering of the plight of the Planet Earth. And for me, this is Earth's Song, because I think nature is trying so hard to compensate for man's mismanagement of the Earth"
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