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Dramatic and Artistic Works

No description

Hannah Laird

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Dramatic and Artistic Works

Dramatic and Artistic Works
Which copyright law/regulation applies to dramatic and artistic works?
All copyright law applies to dramatic and artistic works, by definition. In the United States, copyright law is Title 17 of the United States code (1).
Why are copyright laws important to this topic?
Copyright laws are important to dramatic and artistic works because they allow the creator of the art to have proper ownership (2).
How can copyright be infringed?
Artistic infringement results when a person,who is not the copyright holder, uses the work of another (3).
How does "Public Domain" apply to dramatic and artistic works?
Public Domain refers to the state of being available to the public as a whole. Therefore, this type of work is not subject to copyright. For instance, a thought or idea about a dramatic or artistic work cannot be copyrighted (4).
Does "Fair Use" apply to dramatic and artistic works?
Fair use says that portions of the copyrighted materials may be used without permission of the owner. This applies to dramatic and artistic works. For example, a high school choir may sing a popular song and the theater group may perform a famous play.
What are the penalties for infringement?
Penalties include a legal fee of up to $150,000 (6).
How can infringement be prevented?
The best way to avoid a copyright is to get permission from the artist or creator of the dramatic work.
Who can you contact for permission?
If you need permission, first go to the artist, but if the artist is unavailable go to the copyright office. They will provide you with records and information (7).
How do copyright rules affect teens?
Teens are affected by copyright rules because they don't realize how much they plagiarize in school. They do not take copyright rules seriously because they may not think they will get caught.
1) www.merriam-webster.com
2) www.lib.uchicago.edu/copyrightinfo
3) voices.yahoo.com
4) www.answers.yahoo.com
5) www.artchain.com
6) www.rcfp.org
7) www.copyright.gov
Hannah Laird, Diane Tang, Maddie Colwill
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