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The Poisonwood Bible

No description

Nikoline Larsen

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of The Poisonwood Bible

Genesis 1:28
Reelation 13:1,9
Judges 2:2-3
Bel and the Serpent 1:6
Exodus 13: 19-22
Song of the Three Children, 7-19

Genesis:The Things We Carried
The Revelation:The Things We Learned
The Judges: The Things We Didn't Know
Bel and the Serpent: What We Lost
Exodus: What We Carried Out
Song of the Three Children
The Eyes in the Trees
Sanderling Island, Georgia
Kinanga, 1959-1961
Balunga, 1961 (L)
Johannesberg, South Africa, 1962-1964(R)
Emory University, Atlanta, 1962 (A)
Mission Notre Dame de Douleus, 1964 (L)
Bikoki Station, 1965 (L)
Emory Hospital, Atlanta, 1968(A)
Kinshasa, 1974-1981 (L)
The Equestrial, 1978 (R)
Kimvula District, Zaire, 1986 (L)
Sanza Pombo, Angola (L)
Other characters
Historical Significance
The Children
Nathan Price
The Poisonwood Bible
By Barbara Kingsolver

Rachel Price
15 at the beginning
Personality does not change as she gets older
Marries three times
Is eventually widowed
Adah Price
Leah's Identical sister
paralyzed on the left side of her body
Goes to collge to study neuroscience
Loses her limp
Misses the old her
Leah Price
14 year old tomboy
worships the ground her father walks on
Loses her faith
Marries Anatole
Works to better the lives of the Congolese
Has three children
Ruth May Price
Five years old
befriends the children
most adaptable
is afraid of the green mamba snake
Dies in Kinanga
Easter (in July)
5 days of the week instead of 7
Orleanna Price
Cultural Ignorance
Global Justice
Rachel's Greatest Quote
"But to marry one? And have children? It doesn't seem natural. I can;t see how those boys are any kin of mine" pg 464
Leah's Greatest Quote
"I could see that the whole business of Childhood was nothing guarenteed. It seemed to me, in fact, like something more of less invented by white people and stuck onto the front end of grown-up life like a frill on a dress." pg 114-115
Adah's greatest quote
"Carry us, marry us, bury us, ferry us: those are our four ways to exodus, for now." pg 414
Ruth May's Greatest Quote
"They don't come in the White Castle restraunt where Mama takesus to get cokes either, or the zoo. Their day for the zoo is Thursday. That's in the Bible." pg 20
Self Obsessed
male chauvinist
blames his wife for tempting him
"It's just lucky for father he never had any sons. He might have been forced to respect them." pg 337 -Rachel
Carefree as a child
Married at seventeen
Had three children in the span of two years
Purpose in life is to serve her husband
Becomes depressed after Ruth May's death
"I'm not the first woman on earth to have seen her daughter possessed. For time and eternity there have been fathers like Nathan who simply can see no way to have a daughter but to own her like a plot of land." pg 191
Eeden Axelroot
Rachel's first husband
Mercenary pilot
CIA oporative
Anatole Ngemba
Leah's husband
Activist of independence
Has been in jail multiple times
Brother Fowles
Nathan's predecessor
Was removed for marrying a native
Tata Ndu
Chief of the village
Very opposed to Christianity in the village
Wants to marry Rachel
Tata Kuvundu
Ultimate demise of the Price family
placed the snakes next to the beds of people connected to the price family
The Congo Crisis
Began with Independence from Belgium
Mobutu gained power
Prime Minister Lumumba was assinated
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