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Italian Music

No description

Alyssa Nguyen

on 28 May 2012

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Transcript of Italian Music


Modern Music
Benny Benassi
Tiziano Ferro
Eros Ramazzotti
Laura Pausini
Andrea Bocelli
Giacomo Puccini
Antonio Vivaldi
Lorenzo Ferrero
Ottorino Respighi
Cultural Influences
Some Famous Violins are made in Italy by,
Giovanni Grancino
A famous Piano from Italy is
Paolo Fazioli
Famous Italian Guitars Include

Oldest instruments include
launeddas(bagpipe from Sardinia)

Zenti Harpsichord
Laura Pausini released her album called Bastaba
Andrea Bocelli released his album called One Night in Central Park
Influences of Modern Music
Annual Italian festivals and celebrations, i.e. festival of Mantua, Carnevale, and Palio di Siena. Dances like the southern Italy tarantella
Religion, Roman Catholicism
Historical time periods, i.e. Romanticism
Surrounding countries, i.e. France to the north, and Mediterranean/Arab countries to the south
Italian Renaissance (Florence)
Baroque Era
Modern music of Italy is not influenced by just one thing.
The Italian music is a great mixture of the several types of genres from pop to rock to classical.
Before the modern music, there was classical, opera, and sacred music. Those were the most common.
They did influence modern music because a greater variety of music came from those genres of music of Italy's history.
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