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Values of Extracurricular Activities

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Jessica Payne

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Values of Extracurricular Activities

Abby, Jess and Steve The Values of Extracurricular Activities Extracurricular Activities Time to choose
your extracurricular
activity Students who participate...

are less likely to drop out of school

have a stronger sense of connectedness to the school

experience a boost in academics

show an increased commitment to academic achievement Benefits of Participation... Participating makes it less likely that students will become engaged in risk-taking behaviors or become addicted to bad habits (i.e. smoking, substance abuse, alcohol, etc). Con't... Extracurricular activities can contribute to

creative and performance skills
political awareness
life skills
physical fitness
feeling of connectedness Con't...

When people think extracurricular activities they think sports, but extracurricular goes beyond that. These activities can include arts, music, community service, clubs, political groups, religious groups and publications. Benefits con't... Colleges believe students who participate in extracurricular activities have several positive qualities. These qualities include:
time management
organizational skills
people skills
dedication = Disadvantages Some kids feel pressured by parents to perform and excel.

Burdened by over-scheduling and overwhelmed daily demands.

Any activity takes time away from school work.

Most activities come at some expense, either for enrollment, uniform fees, outings, costumes, or more.

Kids who are obsessed with doing well can sometimes become the victim of eating disorders or anxiety attacks. What can we do as teachers to get students involved in extracurricular activities? There are two types:
Structured Extracurricular Activities
Unstructured Extracurricular Activities How do these activities resemble
classroom environment? Children are subordinate to authority figure(s)
Goals, expectations and objectives are set
Instruction provided to master skill development
Requires interactions with peers Should schools be funding extracurricular activities? EXIT TICKET ENTRANCE TICKET How would you describe
extracurricular activities?

Provide examples.
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