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English CV Tanja Van Wuytswinkel

Get to know who I am!

Tanja Van Wuytswinkel

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of English CV Tanja Van Wuytswinkel

Let's keep in touch
Nice to meet you!
Hi, I'm Tanja
Experienced in HR and Admin
Thomas More
Sint Victor Turnhout
HIVT Antwerpen
Master in translating and interpreting
I am looking for:
- Responsibility
- Nice colleagues
- Appreciation for creativity
- Possibility to take initiative
- A place where I can bring out the best in people
- A company with a fantastic company culture
Let's keep in touch
Nice to meet you!
I'm John Doe
A few things about me...
It's a free template
Add your image...
and details
Rearrange the elements
Create a Unique Shape
Career choices
Talent Management
10 years of experience
Learning & Development
8 years of experience
Process optimisation
3 years of experience
I love:
- Work out learning & development plan (soft and hard skills)
- Work out Associate Program (recruit juniors, work out training course, evaluations consultants + training)
- Contact L&D partners
- Give soft skill trainings
- Dashboard

My life challenges
Raise a 5 year old
Building our own house
Make time for all my hobbies
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Employee satisfaction
5 years of experience
Advisory role
4 years of experience
Villastraat 3
3120 Tremelo
- Performance review
- Evaluation process
- Coordination
- Assessments
- Manage communities
- Recruitment
2 years of experience

Manage change ambassadors
(merger of 2 companies)

- Workshops
- Brainstorming
- Communication platform
- Information platform

- Employee satisfaction survey
- Analyze results
- Organize workshops
- Set up action points together with BUM's
- Manage change ambassadors (merger of 2 companies, advise on change within the company)
- SPOC for managers and employees
- Advise on personnel policy an HR processes: recruitment and selection, comp&ben, career development, conflicts, organisational change etc
- Design SharePoint page for HR department
- Initiate Yammer
- On- and offboarding empoyees
- Performance review
- Map HR processes
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