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Transcript of IST

Facebook Worlds Biggest Community Facebook Description How did Facebook
start? Facebook is a social networking service and website launched in February 2004, owned and operated by Facebook, Inc. As of May 2012, Facebook has over 901 million active users, more than half of them using Facebook on a mobile device.
Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. The website's membership was initially limited by the founders to Harvard students, but was expanded to other colleges in the Boston area, the Ivy League, and Stanford University. It gradually added support for students at various other universities before opening to high school students, and eventually to anyone aged 13 and over. However, according to a May 2011 Consumer Reports survey, there are 7.5 million children under 13 with accounts and 5 million under 10, violating the site's terms of service.
Facebook has affected the social life and activity of people in various ways. With its availability on many mobile devices, Facebook allows users to continuously stay in touch with friends, relatives and other acquaintances wherever they are in the world, as long as there is access to the Internet. It can also unite people with common interests and/or beliefs through groups and other pages, and has been known to reunite lost family members and friends because of the widespread reach of its network. • Approximately 1 in every 13 people on earth log in each day
• The average user has 130 friends
• 57% of people talk more online than they do in real life
• Facebook has over 901 million active users,
• More than 350 million users access Facebook on the mobile devices
• Every 20minutes on Facebook 1,000,000 links are shared ..
• Fan pages have created over 5.30 billion fans

A January 2009 Compete.com study ranked Facebook as the most used social networking service by worldwide monthly active users. • Facebook allows its members a way to stay connected or reconnect with old friends, family members and classmates.
• Facebook also offers the opportunity to meet new people and keep in touch with existing friends.
• Your Facebook profile gives you the ability to display information such as relationship status, religious views, political opinion, age and location of other details.
• You can create a complete profile for yourself, which includes space for a “about me” section, favorite quotes, movies, favorite books and your favorite music.
• You can upload photos, create photo albums and view photos of friends. You and your friends can see each other pictures and comments on the pictures.
• You can send your comments, instant messages and messages to your friends.
• Update your status to let your friends know what you’re thinking or what you are doing.
• Join groups, causes, and become a fan of pages.
• Enjoy thousands of Facebook applications. Play different games and send virtual gifts to your friends. What does Facebook enable
us to do? In March 2012 Facebook announced App Center, an online mobile store which sells applications that connect to Facebook. The store was available to iPhone, Android and mobile web users. In April, Facebook bought the application Instagram for US$1 billion. We all know what Facebook is. Most of the people we know use it to connect and to entertain themselves through games. What made it popular and successful is how it revolutionized social media, sharing of information and online entertainment. Facebook users range from civilians to politicians, actors and actresses, music bands and charity organizations, and just about anybody that can use a computer and has internet access.

Of course Facebook has its issues with user information being used in advertisements and tons of privacy and security issues, but let’s not dwell on the dark side and see why Facebook is hot. You know, ignorance is bliss. Facebook is like a big happy online tales, we are all drawing our pictures on this big stage. As a business technology, Facebook is successful.  Because facebook has its fan page and group page which is efficient and economical. Facebook, along with much of the Internet, is a great innovation that allows users to express their humanity and an opportunity to create new communities. As such it represents a forum in which one can make choices about their identity, at least insofar as one chooses to represent themselves publicly. That freedom does not suggest that one can do so with impunity, however. Because we live in a society in which expression is judged in legal, policy and even personal ways, it is important to remember the consequences of that expression no matter how ephemeral or fun in the moment it might seem to be. Some argue that Facebook is beneficial to one's social life because they can continuously stay in contact with their friends and relatives, while others say that it can cause increased antisocial tendencies because people are not directly communicating with each other. Some studies have named Facebook as a source of problems in relationships. Several news stories have suggested that using Facebook can lead to higher instances of divorce and infidelity, but the claims have been questioned by other commentators. The industry which has been positively impacted by its creation is known as the "app Economy" Over 182,000 - 235,644 jobs have been created and this is just the beginning These jobs just aren't made up of game apps, sharing apps, news reading apps or even apps to buy laundry detergent and other goods through Facebook, this app economy also include a businesses that supply app developers which by doing business with app makers have added themselves 129,00 to more than 182,00 people to help support the app economy. Facebook popularity. Active users of Facebook increased from just a million in 2004 to over 750 million in 2011. Registered Facebook users by age as of 2010. The Companies:
Apple is the company that engages with this technology as it was the creaters of "apps" witch is now able to be used on iPads, iPhones & Androids. Apple is a world wide known company for creating personal computers and notebooks also iPods, iPhones and iPads witch has changed the impact and way people live and run their lives. Why is This Important to us ?? Because we all knew that Facebook had A LOT of user but what we didn’t know was that: Interesting Video bit.ly/2qnCWa Apple is the company that has been losing money because now you are able to buy apps on Facebook instead of having iTunes open just to buy apps. so while you are on Facebook you are able to buy the apps you want right there it is as simple as that the only thing you need is either your own or your parents Paypal account So facebook has changed over the years: 2004 2006 2011 2012 http://bit.ly/MJmeCS
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