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Reasons why we should get 5sos tickets

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jenny woll

on 28 February 2015

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Transcript of Reasons why we should get 5sos tickets

Reasons why we should get 5sos tickets
Their names are Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, and Luke Hemmings.
When they formed their band
They formed their band on December 3rd, 2011.
At first, their band was just Luke, Calum, and Michael.
Later on, they met Ashton and he not only became their drummer but one of their best friends.
Their songs
They have about 46 songs and also have done many covers of songs by different artists.
They have about 3 albums and 5 eps.
Some of our favorite songs are Beside you, Heartbreak girl, and Long way home.
First, here a few things about 5sos that you should know.
Ok, now that you know a little bit about 5sos, here are some reasons why we should get tickets to see 5sos live in St.Paul Minnesota on July 31, 2015.
1. We would help pay for our tickets(around $173.00).
2. We really like them and their music and it would mean the world if we got to see them live.
3. Their songs give us more confidence and they give us the opportunity to be who we want to be and to be ourselves.
4. The concert is in St.Paul, Minnesota(about 270 miles, 4 and a half hours), which is as close as they are going to come to us.
6.Their songs have good messages and they have a lot of meaning to them.
7.They inspire us to dream big and believe in our selves.
8.We all love their songs and know most of the lyrics to them.
Luke Robert Hemmings
Birthday:July 16th,1996
Favorite color:blue
Favorite animal:Penguins
Ben(brother), and Jack(brother)
Eye color:blue
Hair color:blonde
Fun fact:Luke's favorite ice
cream flavor is cookies and

Michael Gordon Clifford
Birthday:November 20th, 1995
Favorite color:blue
Favorite animal:Pandas
and no siblings
Eye color:green
Hair color:blonde
Fun Fact:Michael dyes his hair
a lot, a few colors are galaxy, blue,
pink,black,green,purple and Fairyfloss.

Calum Thomas Hood
Birthday:January 25th, 1996
Favorite color:baby blue
Favorite animal:Dogs
and Mali Koa(sister)
Eye color:brown
Hair color:dark brown
Fun fact:Calum's favorite fruit
is apples and he used to get
in trouble when he was younger
for leaving them around the
Ashton Fletcher Irwin
Birthday:July 7th, 1994
Favorite color:red
Favorite Animal:koala
Eye color:hazel brown
Hair color:dirty blonde
Fun fact:Ashton loves
chocolate milk and banana

9.They makes us incredibly happy and always put a smile on our faces.
10.They encourage us to do our best and to always follow our dreams.
11.They are a great influence on us because they show us that no matter what people say to always do what makes you happy and to follow your dreams, also they teach us to be sweet and kind to one another. They teach us to be sweet by being sweet to others, like each other and most of all their fans that they love to pieces every single minute of their lives, and to show you that they love and appreciate their fans here are a few photos and videos of them with their beloved their fans.
See, this is why we love them and why we want to see them so badly because they inspire us more than you think and they have truly changed our lives and since they have done so much and more for us it's time to return the favor by showing our support and going to their concert. These four goofballs that have chocolate milk parties and have a plastic dog named ketchup are our heroes....and don't you think everyone deserves a chance to see/meet their heroes, well this is our chance and we're not going to let it slip away from us.
Our Heroes...
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