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Principles of Fashion Merchandising

No description

Azure Decker

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Principles of Fashion Merchandising

Principles of Fashion Merchandising
Test One
Chapters 1-4

Azure Decker
Men today are as influenced by and responsive to fashion as women.
Growing a mustache
Converse, Jordan's, or Sperry's
Sweater vest or cardigan
Predicting the time span of a fashion cycle is impossible because each fashion moves at its own speed.
It is projected that the peplum craze will last until at least summer 2014
Because there is no universal way of life, people are free to choose their own values and lifestyles
Is discretionary income or disposable personal income the more significant figure to fashion producers and marketers? Why?
Discuss the similarities and differences between the GeoVALS and PRIZM2 systems
How has the status of women changed during the 20th century? How have these changes affected fashion interest and demand?
How are the changes in technology and social media affecting fashion today?
Give at least one current example of each of several factors that are accelerating the forward movement of fashion today.
Leisure Time
Seasonal Change
Sales Promotion
Certain factors tend to retard the development of fashion cycles by discouraging the adoption of newly introduced styles. List these factors and give at least one example of how each factor exerts a braking influence on fashion development.
Habit and Custom
Sumptuary Laws
Why do people today seek both conformity and individuality in fashion? How does this affect the fashion designer or manufacturer? The fashion retailer?
Designers will create basic wardrobe components so that an individual can turn it into their own style
Fashion retailers know that people either like to lead or follow in fashion. The retailer will purchase many varieties of styles so that the consumer can add their personality
What initial decisions need to be made by an individual or a group of individuals who plan to form a company with regard to the form of ownership that will be the most beneficial to all?
Sole Proprietorship
Single owner
Ability to keep all profits
Simple to form and easiest to dissolve
Ownership flexibility
Ease of formation
Greater financial capacity
Less red tape than corporation
Limited financial liability
Specialized management skills
Easy to transfer ownership
What does the statement "you're only as good as your last collection" mean in regard to fashion designers?
A good collection = A good designer
A bad collection = What designer?
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