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Cuisine of China

No description

David Trask

on 12 February 2018

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Transcript of Cuisine of China

The Cuisine

As Far Back as 250,000 Years Ago Prehistoric Man Was Linked to China.
Written History Goes Back as Far as 1700 BC.
3,500 Years Ago the Chinese were Utilizing Ornate Eating & Drinking Vessels.
Dynasties Ruled China From
1766 BC until 1911 AD.
Shang was the Earliest & known for Excess.
Qin Began the Building of the Great Wall.
T'ang Brought Together Cuisine & Medicine.
Yuan Invited the Mongols.
Ming Cleaned up After the Mongols Left.
In 1122 The Chou Dynasty Introduced Yin & Yang.
This is an Idea That Balanced
Body & Spirit.
1937 Brought The Invasion of China by The Japanese.
Civil War Erupted in 1946 & Lasted
Three Years. In 1949 Mao Tse-tung
Was Elected as the First Leader of the Communist Party.
Confucius 551 to 479 BC.
Emphasized Eating Fresh Seasonal Products
& Moderation in Dining.
The Five Elements
Water = Salt Fire = Bitter
Wood = Sour Earth = Sweet
Metal = Spicy or Pungent
China Covers Most of Eastern Asia.
China has the Third Largest Land Mass,
Giving it a Wide Variety of Climates
& Topography.
There are Wide Regional Differences Throughout China.
Colder Temperatures in the North Favor Wheat & Millet.
Eastern China's Tropical Climate Fosters the Growth of Rice.
Central & West are Home to Hunan & Szechwan Provence's.
Southern China Features Elaborate & Sophisticated Meals.
Wok & Roll
Used Throughout The Country, This Versatile Kitchen Tool Can be Used to Saute, Poach, Steam & Fry.
High Heat & Quick Cooking.
From The Beak to the Feet
The Rooter to the Tooter
The Chinese are Resourceful & Utilize all Parts of the Animal.
Sauces & Condiments
Rice Wine Vinegar, Bean Paste, Soy Sauce, Plumb Sauce & Hoisin.
General Tso Was No Chicken!
Dungan Revolt During the Ch'ing
Battled Back Bamboo Price Gouging & Muslim
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