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Rainsford Project

Ash, Haley, Lily

Ash Paranich

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Rainsford Project

Characterization Rainsford didn't have to swim towards the sounds, but he chose to. Rainsford really did not have to go back to Zaroff, but he realizes the importance of stopping him and goes anyway. Rainsford comes from a place where there are other people around. Even though Rainsford has been in a war, he still knows what is wrong and right. This shows that Rainsford has traveled to different places to hunt and has learned useful things while he was there. Rainsford knows how to make effective traps that work, and that shows he is definitely experienced. p.34 "Your Burmese Tiger pit has claimed one of my best dogs." Rainsford is:
Experienced By Ashley Paranich,
Lily King, and Haley Lyle p.23 "I've read your book about hunting snow leopards in Tibet, you see." p.35 "The knife, driven by the recoil of the springing tree, had not wholly failed." He is also:
Brave p. 36 "Rainsford! screamed the general 'How in God's name did you get here!?'
'Swam' said Rainsford." p.21 "He didn't recognize the sounds...he swam toward it." p.29 "I hope... that you will excuse me tonight." Rainsford is Civil p.29 "-Did not make me condone to cold blooded murder." p.19 "Great sport hunting,'
'Best sport in the world,'
agreed Rainsford. p.23 "I'm Sanger Rainsford, of New York." You need to be pretty experienced to be able to write a book about something like hunting. When Zaroff told Rainsford about his 'game' Rainsford didn't freak out, but instead he calmly thought of a way to get out of 'hunting'. Rainsford can agree and share opinions with others.
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