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Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel

No description

Anu Lu

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel

Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel History Current Business Process -To enhance services by encapsulating its broadband connectivity
-Five hubs of the main developing conjecture:
- To develop connectivity among each sub-sector, the most crucial factor is ICT literacy in the country
-literacy rate in the country from 30% around to 75% -National Mobile Service Provider

-Blue-chip categorized company

-Integrated in 1993 as the second mobile telecommunication provider in Sri Lankan market

-Since November 2002 Mobitel’s business process has been continued under Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) authority PESTEL Analysis -Environmental framework helping to understand external factors impacting organization
-Used to identify current state of the industry as well future state
“To Lead Sri Lanka towards an info – com and knowledge rich society through our service offerings”

(Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd., n.d.) “To Care, Share & Deliver”

(Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd., n.d.) Vision Statement: Mission Statement: Political -License issued for products and services were limited

-Foreign Investments policies

-Telecommunications were turned over to acquire strength

-Political influence and direct government interventions has brought up the vital consideration of a private company to flip into a Public company Economical -The amount a company can afford is considered as a major priority
- People now expect the solutions offered by telecommunications to be at a level that is easily affordable
-An unstable macroeconomic environment and the trade regime took a very flopping impact on Mobitel and the telecommunication industry Socio Cultural -There are many ethnic groups, religions and languages spoken in Sri Lanka. Sinhalese, Moors, Indian Tamil, Sri Lankan Tamil and other unspecified groups Ethnic Groups Relgions Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Christian and other unspecified religions Languages Sinhala, Tamil and other languages -Religion can have an impact on business both directly and indirectly.
-Modes like the infants’ mortality and literacy rates can be impacts and the country has a very potential force of people who can be highly skilled to be trained -Behavioural and the cultural morals of the Sri Lankans are different from the colonial administration which led them to a inefficient level and to a discrimination level which is a remark. Technological -New technologies emerging day by day
-To initiate these technologies, colossal amounts of investments need to be made by the company
-The launch of the first telecommunication satellite right up above the country by Mobitel has made revolutionary impacts
-Advancements in telecommunication industry has made convenience to approach new levels of efficiency Ecological Legal SWOT Analysis in Mobitel -SWOT Analysis is a useful technique to understand the organizations Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats.
-Strengths and Weaknesses are internal factors and opportunities and threats are external factors to the organization. Strengths Weaknesses -Strong brand name
-Strong management
-As a result they were very successful in their profit in 2010 -Introducing Near Field Communication Technology (NFC) in Sri Lanka at first time
-Introducing smart 5 and Upahara packages -Weak online advertising, because of that lost new customers

-In broadband sector disruptive signals due to failures of network coverage

-Introducing new service such as 4G LTE technology.
-Mobile phone usage and wireless broadband usage increase.
-As articulate in strength, the Financial Leverage will allow the Mobitel to quickly expand its market scope. Opportunities Threats -Dialog has tabled the highest customer base and still counting.
-Another draw card is dialog introducing the star points.
-Airtel provides free sims, discounted packages, free MB usage on mobile phones.
-Political changes may impact on the company business process. PAEI Analysis -The letters PAEI stands for 4 roles, which includes

-These roles can be played by each and every manager according to what the situation is, there isn’t a rule saying that each manager should only focus on one particular role. Each of the managers involved brings in a mixture of management styles -Producers are capable of short term targets or could be considered as missions. They interact directly or mediate the flow of information with the customer or the public.

-In Mobitel a well-designed or structured hierarchy can be identified. Therefore the customers are interacted with assistance, rather than considering it as the produce. Producer -Administrators are internal operating personals or managerial level personals that directly involve and mediate with the internal employees, but these administrators too are capable of short term decisions. Administrator -These managers are affiliated with the external and internal environments and they are influential on the long term decision making and strategies
-At Mobitel these managers fall into categories like, Innovation, Research and development, Financiers etc.
-Entrepreneurs analyze and evaluate the market trends, competitive advantages, economical influences. Entrepreneur -Integrators are internal and these managers influence the Mobitel organization to make decisions in short term to assists them to improve their long term achievements.
-It supports the other relevant departments and diverts towards the long term decision making and strategic implementations. Integrator -There are very few ecological impacts to consider other than CSR (Cooperate social responsibilities) and Eco friendly environments.
-Company has to consider the environmental point of view in every step they take in stacking up new signal towers and other infrastructural improvements.
-E-Bills -TRCSL carries out researches to identify how the industries are changing, enforcing government policies and also figuring out what kind of issues the consumers face
-Heavily depends on advertising to market their products
-Laws are issued by The Ministry of Cooperatives and International Trade by giving out gazettes
-Mobitel contributes the required amount from each usage of any Mobitel service Organizational Hierarchy Asitha || Avindra || Eranga || Laksith BSC IT 08
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