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Blood Wedding: Symbolism

No description

Elshaday Samson

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Blood Wedding: Symbolism

"Hush, baby hush.
Sing of the great horse
That wouldn’t drink the water.
The water ran black/Under the boughs."
page 8

"Aye, the great horse
Will not drink the water."
page 10

"Your son was a single drop of water that I hoped would give me children, and health: the other was a dark big river, carrying torn-up trees, that brought me the sound of its reeds and its song."
page 69

In this story water is used to represent the flow of life, and the standard cycle of stages in life.
These stages are birth, death, and re-birth. In the quotation on page 10 where the horse refuses to drink from the water, the horse is a symbolic representation of Leonardo and his unwillingness to adopt the obligations that were expected of him, like settling down, reproducing and continuing the cycle of life in the ways society would have expected..
The Knife:
One of the more obvious symbols in the text was the knife. The knife is introduced as death and destruction from the story told by the mother after seeing the bridegroom with a knife. This theme of the knife portraying death and devastation is carried along right to the end where the two men die by stabbing.
The Forest:
After the bride and Leonardo leave with each other, they escape to the forest. What this symbolizes is the departure from societies norms and expectations. Nature is beyond man's reach and influence and cannot carry with it any pressure towards people to act any certain ways. Leaving their families for each other is something that would not be acceptable in their time and would go against the structure of life that was set up in Spain at this point, but by fleeing to the forest, they are ridding themselves of that burden burdens that came with societies rules..
The Horse:
By: Elshaday
Blood Wedding: Symbolism
The horse that is introduced in Blood Wedding is one of the most prominent symbols of a character. Leonardo is portrayed by the horse as a character that acts selfishly without regard to his surroundings. He does not want to be involved in the traditional cycle of life, which is represented by the water the horse refuses to drink
The horse could also be a symbol of strength and masculinity and a figure that people, in the time that the play was written in, depended on, much like the way Leonardo's wife depended on him as the man of the family.
"Hush, baby hush.
Sing of the great horse
That wouldn't drink the water.
The water ran black/Under the boughs."
page 8

"Aye, the great horse
Will not drink the water".
page 10

"Who’s trying to kill that horse? He’s down there stretched out, with his eyeballs bulging, heaving as if he’d just come back from the end of the world."
page 12

"His hooves are hurt.
His mane is frozen.
And in his eye
A dagger of silver.
Down by the river,
Down by the river,
Blood is pouring
Stronger than the water.
Sleep, my blossom,
The horse will not drink."
page 15

"The knife, the knife! Damn the knife, damn all knives, damn the devil who created knives."
page 1

"How could it be good? His whole tribe is rotten. the great grandfather began it-he started the murders. Now we have a whole family of smiles wrapped around daggers."
page 38

"They were deceiving themselves, but the blood couldn’t be denied."
page 49

The Embroidery:
Embroidery was used by Lorca in Blood Wedding to represent femininity and the way women were viewed at the time. At this point in Spain gender inequality was very prevelent and women were views only as wives, mothers, and homemakers.
"Some embroidered stockings. And for yourself - two suits. No, three suits. You are all I have."
page 5

They bought those embroidered stockings! Such embroidery! The sort you dream about. A swallow here. A boat here. And here - a rose.
page 14

The Flowers:
During this time, in Spanish culture orange blossoms were an important part of the wedding rituals, as they signified happiness, unity, and a life of fulfillment. The bride's refusal to wear her flower wreath and rejection of the orange blossoms show her lack of desire to want to be married continue the stream of life and birth with the bridegroom, and highlights her true feelings about Leonardo.
The Bull:
"If I fix the orange blossom from here to here, it will make a crown."
page 24

"Let her awaken
With the green branch of the flowering laurel.
Let her awaken
With the trunk and the branch
Of the laurel flowers."
page 25

"I expect she will be wearing a big wreath. It shouldn’t be too big. Something quite small would suit her best. And did the groom bring her the orange blossom - to go over her heart"
page 27

Within Blood Wedding the bull is used to symbolize death, masculinity, fertility, and strength. A huge symbol in Spain the bull is seen as a a mighty figure, but one that will ultimately fall at the hands of the matador. Within the context of the play Leonardo is the bull, and the matador who will slay him is fate, karma, and responsibility.
The Moon:
The moon in this play is used as an omniscient character, which also symbolizes in its full form the moon of death, the moon that stops the cycle of life.
At the full moon stage it stops being a beacon of light and hope, but instead one of tragedy. The moon will foreshadow the grim ending of the two lovers and follow the search for them.
Blood is used in this text to symbolize fate, and death, and exposed how for certain characters within the story, their ultimate destiny would be death.
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