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Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards

Det Tekniske Fakultet, April 2015, SDU

Pernille Stenkil Hansen

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards

Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards (IWB)
Det Tekniske Fakultet - April 2015
Pernille Stenkil Hansen - pha@sdu.dk
E-learning Consultant, Centre for Teaching and Learning
The 2nd module
Thanks for now
When the whiteboard is much more than a whiteboard..

Discussions and sharing of knowledge regarding the use, the limits and the possibilities of integrating interactive boards in your teaching - based of your experience from the period between the modules.

1. Book a SMART board at 8888@sdu.dk (Odense)
2. Install SMART Notebook - contact servicedesk@sdu.dk
3. Book IT support at servicedesk@sdu.dk

Date: 11th of June in room A207, NBA from 9.00 am to 12.00 am

Ex. 2: Use a traditional PowerPoint or SMART Notebook software to give a short introduction. Leave out parts of the information and let the students come up with suggestions and ideas. Use the interactive pen to include these directly in the presentation.

Ex.3: Ask the students to write questions or challenges that occur during a lesson on the IWB - use fx. padlet.com

Ex.4: Upload a photo/video or find a source on the internet and ask the students to mark any interesting phenomena they see. Save the marks - take a screenshot

Ex.5: Present an empty or half-empty table, and ask the students to fill in results (ex.Dot-plot)
Getting started

Ex. 1: Interactive lecturing - present fx. a PowerPoint and add all the information you would normally write or draw “live” on a blackboard directly on the slides.

- Show movie - pause the movie and mark details
0. Install the required software on your computer
- go to http://www.smarttech.com>Support>Software Downloads -

1. Turn on the SMART interactive projector

2. Connect cables: USB + HDMI/VGA + Audio Cable

3. Turn on your computer

4. Orient/calibrate the interactive projector

5. Open the SMART Notebook software, Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Prezi, Padlet, internet....

6. Use the pen or a finger to write on the whiteboard.

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