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World War 1

No description

Sean Brennan

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of World War 1

The Great War Long Term Causes Alliances Imperialsim Nationalism M A I N Militarism Grand Admiral Aflred von Tipitiz expands navy at the request of Wilhelm II.
Passed 5 different Fleet Acts (1898, 1900, 1906, 1908, 1912) British Policy was to have a larger fleet than combined fleets of any two rivals Anglo-German Arms Race 1873 – Three Emperors’ League – Germany, AH, Russia
1979-1918 – Austrian-German Alliance
1882-1915 – Triple Alliance – Germany, AH, Italy
1887-1890 – Russian-German Reinsurance Treaty
1894-1917 – Russian-French Alliance
1902-1915 – Anglo-Japanese Alliance
1907 – Anglo-Russian Agreement
1914-1918 – Triple Entente – Britain, France, Russia 'Splendid Isolation' Berlin Conference - 1885 Kruger Telegram - 1902 First Moroccan Crisis - 1905-1906
Algeciras Conference - 1906
Second Moroccan Crisis - 1911 Pan-Slavism 1878- Congress of Berlin 1903 - Balkans Issues at a crisis point
Serbia wanted to expand
Austria wanted to hold B&H
1908 – Austria formally annexes B&H 1912 & 1913 - Balkan Wars First Balkan War – 1912
Serbia turns South to expand
Serbia, Greece & Bulgaria drive Ottoman Empire out of the Balkans

Second Balkan War – 1913
Serbia fights for access to the Adriatic Sea
Austria backed by Germany
Serbia backed by Russia
Austria stopped Serbia from holding spot on Adriatic (Albania) The Outbreak of War -
Immediate Causes June 28, 1914 Gavrillo Princip – member of Serbian “Black Hand” assassinates Archduke Franz Ferdinand (heir to the Austrian throne & his wife Sophie Secretely supported by officials in Serbian government
July 23, 1914 - ultimatum from AH - 48 hours to comply
Unclear answer from Serbs
AH mobilizes and declares war on July 28
"Third Balkan War" begins
Wilhelm pledges "blank check" 2. How did she intend to overcome it? 1. What was Germany's biggest military problem at the outbreak of World War I? 3. Why did her plan fail? Chancellor Theobold von Bethmann Hollweg Schlieffen Plan Count Alfred von Schlieffen Moltke the Younger "Trip to Paris" September - 1914
Battle of the Marne Propaganda Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Total War March 3, 1918 - Treaty of Brest-Litovsk The End of the War April 1916 - Easter Rising May 1917 - French Army Mutinies Georges Clemenceau Rebellion During War November 1916 -
Franz Joseph Dies The End of the War January 1918 - Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points Big Four Treaty of Frankfurt Treaty of Versailles - June 28, 1919 Mandates
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