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Macbeth Playlist

No description

Taylor Braddy

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Macbeth Playlist

English IV Honors Project The Playlist Macbeth Act III Kanye West-Power Act III Little Dragon-Twice Act IV This song represents Lady Macbeth's turn to insanity & further destruction. Act V Adele-Skyfall Act I Taylor Braddy 3rd Period Act II Act III Act IV Act V Act I Scene III Rihanna-Disturbia This song reflects this scene because Macbeth starts to think of killing King Duncan because of the witches' predictions coming true. Act I Scene V Ciara-Like A Boy This song reflects this scene because Lady Macbeth wants to be a man so that she can do the crime that her husband is afraid to do and that he can't handle. Act II Scene II The Civil Wars-Barton Hallow This song reflects this scene because this is the scene where Macbeth has just killed King Duncan and now he feels as though nothing can make him pure and innocent again. Act II Miguel-Candles In The Sun I think this song represents how Macbeth starts to lose his mind after completely realizing what he has done. This song represents the part where Macbeth feels powerful & that nobody can touch him This is the part where Macbeth starts to hallucinate about the murder & can be represented by this song. Act IV Macklemore-Can't Hold Us This song represents how Macbeth feels at the moment when he is told that he can't be "touched". Act IV Diddy-I'll Be Missing You This song represents the murder of Macduff's family. This song represents the crumble of Macbeth's reign as well as his life Gnarles Barkley-Crazy
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