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Global Day of Conversation 2011

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Get Local

on 5 December 2011

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Transcript of Global Day of Conversation 2011

Global Day of Conversation
2011 On Earth Day 2011, hundreds of Global Days of Conversation (GDC) took place across the globe. Local leaders discussed new solutions to pressing environmental issues with their constituents. The Numbers 269 Domestic and International Global Days of Conversation

14 Countries
46 States in the U.S.A.
103 Proclamations
922 Local Leaders and Elected Officials Green Education A healthy environment starts in the community.
Therefore, local government leaders are key to managing the impact of climate change in their communities’ daily lives.
Earth Day Network's Global Day of Conversation program is about advocating discussion and interaction between these local representatives and their constituents.
The conversations that took place on or around Earth Day were highlighted as the best green practices at the local level. Best Practices Recycling and
Waste Reduction Conservation
and Biodiversity Water Pocatello, ID Hoffman Estates, IL Transportation Mayor Elizabeth Patterson and other officials helped the city establish a Climate Action Plan, focusing on outreach and education.
They also provide Home Energy Audit sign-ups and recycled art projects for kids. Energy Advocacy On Earth Day, both Governor Mark Dayton and Mayor Mary Hamann-Roland delivered speeches to School of Environmental Studies students.
Students then engaged in a Q & A session with the Governor, focusing on sustainability and energy efficiency. Columbus has created program called GreenSpot to promote information and awareness.
As stated by the program, "it's the place where people in our city go to learn about living and working greener, and commit to doing it."
Homes, businesses, and community groups are all encouraged to use their free resources.
Organizers and volunteers came together for a successful Earth Day event.
Mayor Michael B. Coleman showed support for this year's activities. In Deerfield Beach, FL, community members gave away 500 trees to help promote continued biodiversity.
Mayor Peggy Noland continues to be a strong supporter of sustainability initiatives. At Delray Beach, FL, city officials celebrate the deployment of solar powered trash compactors to reduce waste.
Mayor Nelson McDuffie is helping to secure Del Ray's sustainable future. Erie County regularly holds rain barrel workshops, educating citizens on the basics of water conservation. Energy Awareness in... Columbus, OH Apple Valley, MN Erie County, OH Delray Beach, FL Deerfield Beach, FL This Earth Day, Fayetteville distributed their “Eco Passport,” a guide to community events, green restaurants, and eco-conscious businesses.
The passport also included a cit Proclamation in support of Earth Day. Fayetteville, AR Gastonia, NC Gilbert, AZ City officials help raise awareness by distributing informative resources.
People of all ages learn about water conservation.
Homeowners and renters get simple tips that promote conservation and save money. Long Beach, CA Participants showcased green city programs and services, including energy efficiency rebates, lawn-to-garden rebates, a residential mulch delivery program, and a tree planting program.
Southern California Edison provided Mercury-free LED bulbs, as well as seed packets and vegetable seedlings from the Civic Center Garden Project.
All items were distributed free of charge.
Mayor Bob Foster helped build support for these programs. Charleston, West Virginia Students from Glen State College partnered with community members to 'adopt' Yeager Airport.
At the event, nearly $10,000 worth of shrubs, perennial flowers, and trees were planted. Hutto, TX Bellevue, WA Ignacio, CO In 2002 Ignacio added a Water Conservation Policy to its Municipal Code, establishing an incentive rate, set annually, for low water users.
Mayor George Whitt supports this measure and ones that protect the environment. Lancaster, KY Largo, FL Largo held a fashion show based on recycled items.
Both the city and Mayor Patricia Gerard are strong supporters of recycled waste water.
Largo and the Southwest Florida Water Management District teamed up to fund a system to distribute treated wastewater to households and businesses.
The reclaimed water can be used to water lawns and commercial properties such as golf courses, conserving the city's drinking water and saving users money by reducing the cost associated with using potable water. Cherry Hill, NJ Lewiston, ME Salisbury, NC A staff member teaches a group of children about rain storage, insect life, and proper environmental protection. West Palm Beach, FL This Earth Day, the city, along with Mayor Lois Frankel, highlighted benefits of alternative transportation, such as hybrids and electric vehicles. There are seven categories of best practices:
Green Education
Recycling and Waste Reduction
Conservation and Biodiversity Many communities implemented several best practices. Green Education in.... Green Transportation in... Earth Day 2011 in the United States Advocacy in... Mayor Laurent F. Gilbert, Sr., hosted a panel discussion on alternative energy.
The meeting was attended by Adam Lee, Chair of Efficiency Maine, Ian Houseal, City of Portland’s Sustainability Coordinator, Bruce Damon, Chair of Lewiston’s Energy Committee, and Jim Wellehan, local business owner and environmental advocate. Water Awareness in... Smart Transportation in... Energy Conservation in... The Hutto Green Building Incentive Program is a voluntary program for residential and commercial buildings.
The program rewards innovation in building material usage, energy, and water conservation.
If an applicant is able to meet five of the items listed in the program's checklist, he or she will receive a City of Hutto Green Building Certificate Waste Management in... Water Awareness in... Conservation in... Mayor Stultz dressed up as Mother Earth to support efforts in conservation in Gastonia.
Community members worked on cleaning a local creek.
People also hung posters in the forest to promote awareness. Recycling and Waste Reduction in... Waste Reduction in... Supporting Biodiversity in... Loxley, AL Recycling in... The city provides recycling for homes and businesses.
The program is focused on reducing plastic pollution and e-waste.
Mayor Billy Middleton is a strong supporter of the program. Water Awareness in... Green Advocacy in... The city has several programs supporting green initiatives:
Recycling: Part of a 'Recycle bank' town-wide
Energy Efficiency: HVAC replacement & upgrades, replacing 25+ year old equipment (May 2011)
Renewable Energy: Purchase Flex Fuel vehicles, including 30 police cars
Education: NJ Clean Power Community Partner, Change-a- Light Program, Mayor's Green Excellence Award Program
Waste Reduction: Green purchasing, including 80% post consumer paper products and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals
Open Space: Preserved 1,450 acres of community land, no mow zones
Upcoming: Community composting
Mayor Bernard Platt participated in a recycling and green living event this year. Water Awareness in... Student Advocacy in... Energy Conservation and Awareness in... Conservation in... Muscle Shoals has converted all traffic lights to LEDs.
They have already received a two year pay back.
Muscle Shoals also holds an annual clean up with the help of community volunteers, focusing on city streets and parks.
Mayor David Bradford has been integral in this process. Energy Awareness in... Green Advocacy in... Palo Alto, CA New Castle, CO Communities started programs to incentivize fuel-efficient vehicles, increase bicycle use, and evaluate the carbon footprint of public transit. Recycling programs and household item swaps were coordinated, and a local landfill was capped decades early to provide energy to 1,200 homes. From increasing the energy efficiency of government buildings, to installing solar panels, many communities in 2011 played a significant role a clean energy future. Leaders promoted green education initiatives; such as green fairs and outreach programs that targeted youths and adults increase overall community knowledge about energy, efficiency, and the environment. Communities actively promoted water conservation to help preserve this vital resource and save money. From planting trees to preserving wildlife habitats, people worked together to protect our natural resources and ecosystems. The town of New Castle adopted the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code.
They also have a very active Climate Action Advisory Committee.
New Castle recently enacted a unique "no idle" policy in town, and posted all their legal notices and council packets online to save paper.
Mayor Frank Breslin has remained vigilant on climate awareness and sustainability. Washington, D.C. Energy Awareness in... The U.S. capital ranks third in the country for buying power from renewable energy sources.
D.C. leads the nation with about 1 million square feet—nearly 30 acres—of green roofs.
It also has a widely used bike share program, and has enacted the Healthy Schools Act.
Mayor Vincent Gray has helped continue the city's efforts at sustainability and citizen awareness. The Village of Pinecrest will be implementing a Green Building Ordinance in May.
This will provide expedited permits for green projects and establish rebates for permit fees associated with those projects.
Mayor Cindy Lerner has long been a supporter of greening Pinecrest. Energy awareness in... Transportation Smarts in... North Miami, FL In partnership with BioPlanet USA, Miami-Dade County’s Community Image Advisory Board ran a One Million Trees Miami campaign, which is the first campaign of its kind in South Florida.
In addition, North Miami will contribute trees to the Tree of Life project in Haiti where 300,000 trees, one for every person who perished in the 2010 earthquake, will be planted.
In further memory of the earthquake victims, a Tree of Life will be planted in North Miami’s Kiwanis Park, and another in their sister city of Delmas, Haiti.
The event was attended by Mayor Andre D. Pierre, as well as councilmembers Michael Blynn, Scott Galvin, Jean Marcellus, Marie Erlande Steril. Conservation and Biodiversity in... Hallandale Beach has been able to reduce its gallons per capita by almost 22% in four years, from 167 gallons of water per person per day to only 130.
The city continues to reinforce water conservation at every event possible and through its water conservation program. This includes free dual flush toilet retrofits and other water saving devices, and sponsorship of a fifth grade water education/take-home plumbing retrofit fixtures program.
To celebrate Earth Day 2011 with a Global Day of Conversation, Hallandale Beach presented a practical “Energy and Water Savings Educational Session” to residents on Saturday, April 16, 2011
Mayor Joy Cooper participated, setting an example for residents. Water wisdom in... Hallandale Beach, FL Conservation in the... Sugar Hill is keeping its parks as natural as possible by:
creating overflow grass parking, and
installing synthetic turf fields that eliminate the need for chemicals while filtering rainfall before it reaches streams.
Mayor Gary Pirkle has helped lead the way for local leaders. Valdosta, GA Recycling and Waste Prevention in... Valdosta collects electronics from its residents for recycling twice a year, keeping e-waste out of town landfills.
The U.S. generates over 3 million tons of e-waste each year, and less than 15% of it is recycled. Valdosta's Department of Public Works holds biannual Electronic Recycling events in an effort to increase its e-waste recycling.
Mayor John Fretti has proven himself an example by signing an Earth Day proclamation and encouraging Valdosta's citizens to live more sustainably. In 2010, Pocatello revised its wind development regulations to reduce barriers to wind turbine installation in residential and commercial zones.
A local charter school installed the first wind turbine in Pocatello after that year.
This helps promote clean energy and educate young people on the benefits of renewable energy sources.
Mayor Brian Blad attended an Environmental Fair to express support for initiatives like these. Clean Energy Education and Development in... Hoffman Estates established a tree board, a tree care ordinance, and a comprehensive community forestry program.
The program is a critically important step towards becoming a greener community.
Mayor Bill McLeod helped set an example for his fellow citizens by attending their annual Earth Day event.
The town emphasizes how trees mitigate climate change by reducing energy used to heat and cool buildings.
Trees also lower ambient air temperatures, improve overall air quality, and provide an important habitat for suburban wildlife, while absorbing rainfall and lessening storm water runoff, which in turn lowers pumping and filtration costs. Conservation and tree planting in... Taylor Mill holds an annual Shred Day where residents can bring paper to shred and recycle as a community.
This year, Mayor Daniel Bell read a proclamation in support of Earth Day in Taylor Mill. Taylor Mill, KY Recycling and Waste Reduction in... Baton Rouge, LA Baton Rouge's recycling program accepts all recyclables, including plastics 1-6, tin cans, aluminum cans, and paper. Most importantly, nothing needs to be sorted, making recycling easy for residents.
The city successfully diverts 1/3 of its waste from landfills into the recycling program.
Mayor Melvin Holden and 12 other elected officials attended an Earth Day event this year in support of these efforts. State of the art Recycling in... Hernando is working on a bike and pedestrian initiative, widening sidewalks and creating bike lanes.
The town also practices curbside recycling and a “local-core initiative” that is focused on healthy eating and buying local foods.
Mayor Larry Jarrett, along with other officials, showcased green initiatives at the DeSoto County Earth Day fair. Alternative Transportation in... Hernando, MS Bringing Awareness to... Southaven, MS Southaven is educating its citizens with a number of environmental programs including on:
Urban Forestry
Storm water
Curbside recycling
Mayor Greg Davis also read an Earth Day Proclamation at a town hall meeting, encouraging the local community to make an Earth Day committement to build a green economy. Bethania, NC Recycling and Waste Reduction in... Mayor Deborah Stoltz-Thompson read a proclamation in support of Earth Day this year.
The city also supports weekly recycling to help minimize waste.
This helps keep Bethania clean and beautiful, emphasizing things like Bethania's wonderful poppies. Fair Lawn, NJ Cape May West, NJ Clean Energy initiatives in... Cape May has:
Installed solar panels on the municipal building
Created Zoning regulations to encourage residents to use solar and wind power
Paved several roads with penetrable material for rain water to get through
Started curbside recycling
Become involved with Project Porch Light and distributed CFLs to the community
Mayor Pam Kaithern also read a proclamation in support of Earth Day. Fair Lawn has undertaken an impressive endeavor to educate local citizens directly and by example. Initiatives include:
Green Fair on May 18th to educate the community on composting,
an Energy Audit
a Recycle Coordinator, to educate the public on recycling, composting, and reducing waste
making rain barrels, and setting up rain gardens;
High schoolers implementing waste reduction and recycling activities for their school
installing motion sensors in municipal buildings
Mayor Swain showed support by signing an Earth Day Proclamation this year. Raising Awareness and
Leading by Example in... Harnessing the sun in... Hudson County, NJ Hudson County strongly supports renewable energy.
They have installed solar panels on 60 county, municipal, and school buildings, jumpstarting the push towards a clean energy future. Somerville leads a rain barrel recycling program that teaches residents how to use rain barrels to recycle water for use in their lawns and homes.
They also have a paper shredding recycling event.
Someverville has two buildings with solar panels; the firehouse and Department of Public Works garage.
This year, Mayor Brian Gallagher read an Earth Day and Environmental Education Proclamation that encourages the local residents to commit to building a green economy and supporting environmental education in schools. Water Conservation and
Increased Awareness in... Somerville, NJ Albuquerque, NM Clean Transportation and more in... Albuquerque shows how dynamic going green can be. Some policies include:
Only purchasing Alternative Fuel city vehicles
Getting 20% of their energy from wind (and growing)
Solar powered swimming pools
LED stop lights
Energy audits to determine how energy can be saved by changing lightbulbs, improving insulation, and installing occupancy sensors
Requiring all city building construction and renovation to adhere to U.S. Green Building Council standards
The city uses www.ouractionsmatter.org to keep paper use at a minimum.
On Earth Day 2011, Albuquerque drew over 7,000 people to their local BioPark, providing information on conservation, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.
Mayor Richard Berry supported the initiative, attending and continuing advocacy for the city's desire to "go green". Carson City, NV Water Smarts in... Huron, OH Huron provides recursive rain barrel workshops for residents, promoting environmental awareness, conservation, and active engagement.
These tools help reduce runoff and divert the resource to important alternatives. Bronson, FL Local Leaders Taking Initiative in... Bronson has strong support for community gardens.
Mayor Franklin Schuler held a public reading of a proclamation in support of Earth Day.
The community regularly invites its members to voice concerns and discuss sustainability initiatives. Water Conservation in... Sandusky, OH Sandusky regularly holds rain barrel workshops, and works towards increasing awareness about water conservation.
Mayor Scott Washburn participated in the Go Green Celebration, showing his support for Earth Day. Water Knowledge in... Ashland, OR Mayor John Stromberg attended the Rogue Valley Earth Day, showing his support for green initiatives.
The event featured the debut of Water on Wheels (WoW), a mobile drinking water station that provides a unique way to refill beverage containers with fresh tap water at events.
WoW will be used at community events throughout the year, reducing waste and ultimately saving money spent on plastic bottles. Innovative Energy Production in... Lane County, OR Capped the Short Mountain Landfill in 2009 decades ahead of schedule.
The methane captured from capping the landfill generates enough electricity to power 1,200 homes
County Commissioner Pete Sorenson hosted an Earth Day forum on greenhouse gases, specifically those from transportation. Rock Hill, SC Rock Hill spearheads an Environmental Educational Outreach program, which includes a liaison group of key stakeholders in the community that meets once a month.
They also provide curbside recycling, which accepts used oil appliances.
All traffic and street lights are LED, while all public buildings have energy efficient lighting.
The city also supports energy audits, automatic flush toilets, and motion censor lights.
All department vehicles are either electric, hybrid, or biodiesel.
This year, Mayor Doug Echols participated in the Earth Day Birthday event, advocating green practices throughout the city. Education and More in... Alexandria has a powerful Environmental Policy Commission, made up of 13 citizens appointed by the City Council.
The Commission has citizens, environmental lawyers, planners, and scientists, ensuring that the city prioritizes sustainability.
They meet twice a month to keep an eye on all Council activities. This includes methods of ordering supplies for City Hall, budget preparations, activity applications, and routine regulatory duties. Energy Advocacy in... Alexandria, VA Camas, WA Bellingham, WA The City of Bellingham published state of the art guidelines and requirements for advanced green building techniques to conserve water and energy including solar water heaters, porous concrete and composting toilets.
Mayor Dan Pike also showed support by helping with the Whatcom Creek Clean Up. Green Building Advocacy in... Green Tech in... The City of Camas, with the assistance of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) grant, is conducting a pilot project to evaluate the energy savings and public acceptance of LED street lights.
The outcome of the pilot project will help determine if LED street lights should be the new standard in future development.
The goal is to reduce energy use and maintenance costs, as well as to provide safe and efficient lighting for Camas citizens.
Mayor Paul Dennis read a proclamation in support of Earth Day this year. Sammamish, WA Supporting Wildlife in... The City of Sammamish attained a Community Backyard Wildlife certification from the National Wildlife Federation, thanks to the help of families who created wildlife habitats in their yards.
Mayor Don Gerend continuously supports such initiatives. Snoqualmie, WA Educating Citizens in... The city’s Climate Pledge encourages citizens to participate in a variety of green activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
The pledge form shows the emissions saved by easy, earth-friendly actions, such as line-drying laundry, turning off computers at night, or riding a bicycle.
Mayor Matthew Larson also read a proclamation in support of Earth Day. Recycling in... Shawnee, KS The city and its mayor, Jeff Meyers, support recycling by homes and business.
Shawnee combines hard to recyle item recycling into one area for ease and incentive.
They collect e-waste and shredded paper, and have recently initiated a bike collection program
In 2010, Shawnee saw over 7,500 lbs of shredded and recycled documents and collected 116 bikes to be cleaned up and redistributed to different community service organizations. Teaching Efficiency in... Atherton, CA The city and Mayor Jim Dobbie celebrated Earth Day 2011 by launching "Atherton 2020," a federally-funded energy efficiency program two years in the making.
Atherton 2020 will equip residents with an analysis of their own energy usage, and help them reduce their energy usage.
The program aims to get every home in Atherton participating, hopefully bringing down home energy usage by 10% per year for ten years, achieving a cumulative reduction in energy of 65% by 2020. Foley, AL Efficiency and More in... Foley has started a pilot program for the use of LEDs. They have retrofitted a building in town with all LEDs to test the energy and cost savings.
They practice curb side recycling and have increased their recycling of cardboard with businesses.
They will also start an annual eco tour of their nature preserve and host an Earth Day event every year.
Mayor Wayne J. Trawick has continued support for these initiatives. Advocating Clean Transportation in... Anchorage, AK The Alaska Center for the Environment (ACE) focuses on clean, green public transportation.
ACE encourages people to “get on the bus,” demonstrating the need for increased levels of bus service in order to reduce climate change. Urban Landscaping and Much More in... South Miami, FL South Miami has a treeplanting plan for the city.
They also give away grants for planting. The city has a green task force that focuses on LEED certificates, public education and outreach, and a smart growth plan.
They also hold a Weekly Farmers' Market. Environmental Protection in... The Nevada Senate in Carson City recently passed 4 pieces of environmental protection legislation:
SB144 requires garages performing repairs on a motor vehicle to check tire air pressure.
SB182 promotes the growth of the solar energy industry in Nevada.
SB281 requires the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to establish incentives for consumers to purchase environmentally-friendly electric vehicles that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
SB488 requires utility supplier reports to include plans for supporting the construction of renewable energy and transmission facilities. • Anchorage, AK
• New Castle, CO
• West Palm Beach, FL
• Hernando, MS
• Albuquerque, NM
• Bellevue, WA • Pocatello, ID
• Southaven, MS
• Salisbury, NC
• Fair Lawn, NJ
• Rock Hill, SC • Loxley, AL
• Lewes, DE
• Delray Beach, FL
• Largo, FL
• Valdosta, GA
• Lancaster, KY The city collected over 30 yards of brush, 20 yards of scrap metal, 40 yards of trash, two 55-gallon drums of paint, one 55-gallon drum of oil, a pallet of batteries, a trailer full of cardboard, and a trailer full of other recyclables.
All of these items were taken to the local recycling center.
Mayor Pro-tem Debbie Holland attended to show her support. Not to mention Hutto's very successful Earth Day event! Lewes has a residential curbside yard waste collection program that converts collected waste into a mulch and compost product.
In September, Lewes will also be offering residential curbside recycling collection as part of a state mandate.
It is also beginning to start initiatives and local ordinances that address other green concepts.
Mayor Jim Ford III has worked diligently at supporting these initiatives. Waste Reduction and Green Initiatives in... Advocacy and Engagement in... Port Louis, Mauritius Youth Engagement in... Sunderland, UK Celebrating Earth Day in... Basra, Iraq Advocacy and Civic Engagement in... Mexico City, Mexico Mexico City Environmental Minister Martha Delgado Peralta for Mexico City, held an online Q&A session for an hour.
Topics included the problems with local pollution and Mexico's role as in the global economy. Earth Day 2011 International Lewes, DE The city educates citizens on proper waste management.
The focus is to reduce household waste, lessening the flow of trash into landfills. Benicia, CA Local Environmental
Advocacy in... A young girl celebrates her winning poster at a Rain Barrel Workshop. Durres, Albania
Baku, Azerbaijan
Sofia, Bulgaria
Beijing, China
Santander, Colombia
Leh, India
Shilling, India
West Bengal, India
Erbil, Iraq
Basra, Iraq Dohuk, Iraq
Bologna, Italy
Port Louis, Mauritius
Mexico City, Mexico
Doha, Qatar
Johannesburg, South Africa
Malakal, Sudan
Tunis, Tunisia
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Sunderland, England Santander, Colombia Santander held an Earth Day event at a local university with several professors and students.
Governor Horacio Serpa Uribe wrote a document about the responsibility government leaders have to further the green economy and take care of the environment.
The document was presented to about 150 students and professors of the University of Santo Tomas at their Earth Day event. Dubai, United Arab Emirates As part of The Global Day of Conversation, Emirates Environmental Group hosted the Interschool Environmental Public Speaking Competition providing a platform for future leaders to meet with today’s highly accomplished environmental specialists. Tunis, Tunisia In Tunis City, the newly founded "I Watch" network took the responsibility of addressing the major environmental challenges in reformed Tunisia.
With the vice president of the Tunisian Green Party, the audience discussed the role of political leaders in protecting the environment and the importance of recycling and renewable energy in reducing emissions. Malakal, Sudan Malakal held two events as part of The Global Day of Conversation.
The Fashoda Youth Forum organized a Global Day of Coversation event that was attended by the Minister of Environment and many other high-level leaders.
Over 100 participants addressed water quality as the their main environmental challenge.
The group extended their efforts by having a cleanup campaign throughout the city. Johannesburg,
South Africa Environmental Awareness Coordinator Kobedi Pilane organized and hosted a Global Day of Conversation.
Topics included sustainability and renewable energy throughout South Africa.
Community members were able to add input and comment on projected energy projects for the city. Doha, Qatar Earth Day Qatar 2011 was an international event that drewe students from Qatar, the United States, India and Morocco.
For Earth Day Qatar 2011, QFI has partnered with Earth Day Network, Ocean for Life, Green Gulf, Qatar Cool, Cisco, Ocean Futures Society, Qatar Solar Technologies, and Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute.
It was a day-long celebration taking place in Doha, Qatar that featured presentations by keynote speakers, educational workshops organized by local environmental organizations; and youth service projects.
In one of the workshops, QFI used Cisco���s TelePresence technology to connect youth from India and Morocco with Qatari and American counterparts to discuss local water issues.
In bringing students from different parts of the world together to learn about the environment, the event emphasized the global nature of climate change and the need to work together across cultures to develop solutions to environmental problems. San Giovanni in Persiceto -
Bologna, Italy The town of San Giovanni held a Global Day of Conversation on sustainable waste management.
This event was part of their campaign to help promote trash disposal throughout the town. Erbil, Iraq Beijing, China Sofia, Bulgaria Sofia municipality officials will be speaking at a green festival on environmental issues Sofia held a Global Day of Conversation and a full-day festival for Earth Day
Mayor Yordanka Asenova Fandakova participated, speaking on the importance of environmental education in schools and congratulated participating students on their environmental projects. Durres, Albania Mayor Vangjush Dako hosted a Global Day of Conversation that focused on sustainability projects over the next three years.
He also held a successful Q&A session with community members Baku, Azerbaijan The IRELI Public Union held a discussion session and presentation entitled “Let’s Know Our Planet” at Baku State University.
It addressed renewable energy as one of the main environmental solutions towards a sustainable future.
Over 200 students and local officials attended. The Hon. Devanand Virahsawmy, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development presented at an event held by the First Steps Network. He expressed the full support of his ministry for the environment and sustainable development, and described ministry projects such the 'Endemic Garden' and 'waste management programme' in schools.
He also shared the same vision of FSN, that there is no better place to build a “green‐ conscious” nation than at school. The city held three events during the Earth Day festival, inviting businesses and local agencies to educate the public and participate in giveaways.
It included a green-light festival that showcased high school students' films about environmental issues, as well as showing the documentary Carbon Nation.
Mayor Sid Espinosa has continued support of Earth Day and its related initiatives. The Governor of West Bengal state, Mr. M.K. Narayanan, and the former Sheriff of Kolkata, Mr. Utpal Chatterjee, attended the India Trees Foundation's Earth Day event in Kolkata.
It began with a dance invocation to Surya, the Sun, who is depicted in Indian mythology as riding in a chariot with seven white horses. That was followed by a dance depicting rain, and then one on flowers.
The dance movements symbolized the beautiful flowers, birds, and other forms of nature, emphasizing the need to protect them. West Bengal, India Glen Cove, NY Protecting natural habitats in... Mayor Ralph V. Suozzi helped lead efforts to clean up Mill Pond.
Trash, recyclables and debris were cleared away, beautifying the natural environment. Cleaning and Recyling in... Lakewood, OH The Keep Lakewood Beautiful commission has a city-wide cleanup every year.
Free cleanup supplies, including bags and gloves, were supplied as well as lunch to all volunteers who helped out. Anchorage

Gulf Shores
Muscle Shoals
Orange Beach


Little Rock
North Little Rock

Chula Vista
El Cerrito
Huntington Beach
Imperial Beach
Laguna Woods
Long Beach Los Angeles
Palo Alto
San Diego

Colorado Springs
New Castle

New Haven

New Castle

Deerfield Beach
Delray Beach
Ft. Myers
Hallandale Beach
Key West
Lake Worth
North Miami
Oakland Park
Pinecrest South Miami
West Palm Beach
Boca Raton

Pine Lake
Sugar Hill

County of Maui

Des Moines

Sun Valley
Idaho Falls

Highland Park
Hoffman Estates
Oak Lawn
Oak Park
River Forest
Village of Oswego Carmel
South Bend

Prairie Village

Bowling Green
Taylor Mill

Baton Rouge
New Orleans
St. Gabriel



Lewiston Complete List of Particpating Communities in 2011 Ann Arbor
Grand Rapids

Apple Valley
Mount Iron

St. Louis

Desoto County
Horn Lake
Ocean Springs
Olive Branch
Pass Christian




Buena Vista Township Columbus
South Euclid

Forest Grove
Lane Country

East Stroudsburg


Rock Hill


College Station
Corpus Christie
Richardson Salt Lake County



Battle Ground
Lake Forest Park

Kickapoo Valley
New Berlin

Charleston Cape May (West)
Cherry Hill
Cliffside Park
Fair Lawn
Hudson County
Point Pleasant Borough
Washington Township

Rio Rancho
Sante Fe

Cortlandt Manor
Glen Cove

Indian Trail
Kill Devil Hill
New Bern
Salisbury Green Advocacy in... Los Angeles, CA During to the 2011 Climate Leadership Gala, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa came together with other elected officials in Washington, D.C. to express support for, and argue on behalf of growing a green economy.

The Gala was presented by Earth Day Network, in partnership with the Carbon War Room and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). One quarter of the Medical University of South Carolina’s waste stream is recycled: The next goal is to get that between 40-50%.
Charleston is implementing LED traffic signals and rehabilitating city buildings.
They are also emphasizing the local public transit system, CARTA.
Charleston is working to create an Energy Efficiency Partnership that will help amortize the cost of weather-stripping homes and insulating historic buildings through the use of private capital.
They run the Green Business Challenge (GBC), a year-long program that encourages, trains, and rewards businesses for incorporating environmental and sustainable business practices.
The Mayor of Charleston, Joseph P. Riley, encourages every citizen to look at how to make daily action more efficient and environmentaly sound. City wide initiatives: Waste Reduction in... Charleston, SC Continued support by... Former Governor Bill Richardson Governor Richardson, along with other elected officials, traveled to Washington, D.C. to advocate for the green economy and sustainability at the 2011 Climate Leadership Gala.

The Gala was presented by Earth Day Network, in partnership with the Carbon War Room and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). Protecting the Environment in... New Orleans New Orleans hosted a seminar featuring Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne and artist Penny Edwards. The formation of a new foundation was announced to deal with environmental disasters such as the recent Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Conservation in... Salt Lake County, UT Every year, Salt Lake County prides itself on performing city-wide cleanups and teaching the principles behind sustainability, conservation, and environmental education. Education and Advocacy in.... The Sunderland Youth Parliament organized local youth to host a debate about the implementation of the green economy throughout the UK.
They debated necessary steps to build a green economy in Sunderland, and presented recommendations to the city council members in a formal Global Day of Conversation. Waste Management in... Sustainable Practices in... Environmental Activism in... Environmental Education in... Sustainability and
Renewable Energy in... Environmentalism
and the Arts in... Responsible Petroleum in... The Governorate Council of Basra held a discussion that addressed desertification, dust storms, waste accumulation, and energy emissions as the major environmental challenges facing the city.
The event organized by Subal Forum for Development (SFD) and attended by 13 participants. International Advocacy in... Educating Students in... Water Quality in... Sustainable Economics in... Celebrating Environmentalism in... Decatur, GA The city of Decatur held an Earth Day parade without the use of gas-powered vehicles.
After reaching the Oakhurst Community Gardens, participants enjoyed numerous activities including over 30 booths advocating environmental responsibility. Local leaders engaged with their citizens to initiate environmentally-responsible intiatives and actions. Cape May West, NJ
Hudson County, NJ
Ithica, NY
Lane County, OR
Hutto, TX
Camas, WA
Snoqualmie, WA Highlighted Cities: Highlighted Communities: Highlighted Cities: Glen Cove, NY
Salt Lake County, UT
Sammamish, WA
Charleston, WV Highlighted Cities: Complete List of Non-US Participating Communties: Bellevue currently has four electric car charging stations. Minneapolis, MN Alternative Transportation in... Minneapolis has a bicycle sharing program that gave people over 100,000 rides since 2010.
The city has also added new bicycle lanes and over 1,500 bicycle parking spots. Alaska Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Delaware Florida Connecticut Washington, DC Georgia Hawaii Iowa Idaho Illinois Michigan Maryland Massachusetts Louisana Indiana Kentucky Kansas Maine Minnesota Missouri Mississippi Nebraska New Jersey Ohio Utah Virginia Vermont Washington Montana North Carolina New Mexico New York Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Texas West Virginia Wisconsin New Hampshire Highlighted Communities: Highlighted Communities: Highlighted Communities: Taylor Mill, KY
Shawnee, KS
Baton Rouge, LA
Bethania, NC
Charleston, SC
Cherry Hill, NJ Appleseed, MN
Columbus, OH
Lewiston, ME
Alexandri, VA Gilbert, AZ
Ignacio, CO
Hallandale Beach, FL
Somerville, NJ
Erie County, OH Foley, AL
Muscle Shoal, AL
Benicia, CA
Long Beach, CA
Washington, D.C.
Pinecrest, FL
Atherton, CA Fayetville, AR
Palo Alto, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Bronson, FL Deerfield Beach, FL
North Miami, FL
South Miami, FL
Sugar Hill, GA
Gastonia, NC Huron, OH
Sandusky, OH
Ashland, OR
Bellingham, WA Erbil held a Global Day of Conversation that was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Oil, Petroleum research and Development Center in Bagdad, and the North Petroleum refineries Company and Electrical Company.
Attendees focused on the need to reduce emissions and reverse environmental damage caused by the oil industry. Ithica, NY Emissions and Sustainability in... The Town of Ithaca, City of Ithaca, and Tompkins County have made a formal commitment to reduce energy consumption and support the growth of green jobs.
All three localities have enacted plans to support environmentalism in their communities, including installing a photovoltaic system on the roof of a county library in 2000 and reducing emissions by 80% in 2050.
Hundreds of local officials attended their Global Day of Conversation. At the Climate Leadership Gala, Earth Day Network honored EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson was awarded the Women and the Green Economy Leadership Award.

The Gala was presented by the Earth Day Network, in partnership with the Carbon War Room and American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). South Miami has a tree planting plan for the city.
They also give away grants for planting trees. Parades and Speeches in... Leh, India Art and Environmentalism in... Shillong, India The Impulse NGO Network, in collaboration with RITI Academy, organized an Art & Photography Exhibition for Earth Day.
The goal was to use art to educate younger people about environmental issues.
His Excellency, the Governor of Meghalaya, Shri, Ranjit Shekhar Mooshahary attended. A small parade was held through the village of Saspol.
About 250 people attended a program at a local secondary school, which included students and government employees.
An event was held at the Kunfan Model School, which included a painting competition and numerous speeches on environmentalism. On April 22 in Beijing, China government officials and volunteers collaborated to host the Green Earth Volunteer Water Dialogue.
Participants discussed the ongoing desertification of the Gobi desert, a process that causes sky-blackening dust storms in and around Beijing.
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