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CurveBall The year I lost my Grip

No description

Anthony Estrada

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of CurveBall The year I lost my Grip

CurveBall The year I lost my Grip
By: Jordan Sonnenblick
Anthony Estrada

Pete: (Protagonist) Takes photo class cause his mom made him.
Angelika: Doesn't care how people think of her.
AJ: Pete best friend
Linne Vaughn: (Antagonist) She thinks it's all about her.
Granpa: Is getting sick from short-term memory.

Character VS Self- He pulled an arm muscle, which made have surgery and caused him not to play baseball anymore.

Character VS Character- He's not sure if he should tell Aj about his arm cause he had it has a secret for so long Aj might get mad.
The climax of the story was when his grandpa was driving and couldn't think or move. He called Pete to know how he could find warm shoes cause he's feet were cold. Pete told him to just pulled over but he couldn't move his feet, so Angelika called the police cause they were worried he was going to crash to another car.
Pete told Aj about his arm and stayed in photo class with Angelika. While Aj play baseball he always told Pete to make sure his pictures were in the newspapers.
I like this book a lot cause it's mixed with some sports, art, family drama, and romance. This book focuses more on teens.
School, Pete basement, baseball field
Figurative language
Metaphor-" The snow that has already begun to fall in thick, side blown sheets"(pg.255).

Simile- "That sounded like an engine racing way to fast"(pg. 263).

Onomatopoeia- " Thwack! "How 'bout that one"(pg.247).
The theme I learned was in life there's always struggle.
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