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Differentiating Through Top Talent

No description

GRS Recruiting

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Differentiating Through Top Talent

Differentiating Through Top Talent
-The one who will work the search will always participate in the job order

-What are they key attributes of "top talent" should be discussed - implemented in training

-Question training on hot button development and referral development

-Revisiting "selling the sizzle" / WIFM

Analysis of Current Situation
-Low hanging fruit situation

-Name gather process

-Communication-lost in process?
Skill Development
Process Development
-What makes a top candidate for a specific JO?

-Hot Button/Latent Needs analysis and training

-Call for action/Candidate capture

-Referral training/5 different ways to ask question

Analysis of Current Situation
-Low hanging fruit vs. premier candidates

-Activity vs. results based mentality

-Over reliance on LinkedIn/Monster

-Knowing what you're after
Skill Development
Process Development
-Sticking with new process being put into place

-Effectively communicating throughout the search process (intern to PC to TL)

-Training on different ways to get names
(beyond calling the company)
-Including the intern/PC that will do the name gather and research on the job order

-Training the intern on prioritization/revisiting high priority companies to get more names

-Training on the questions to ask
(finding the right candidate/org. chart)
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