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Alternative Sources of Data

No description

Jessica Hyde

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Alternative Sources of Data

You don't know the half of it.
MCO-Always searching for more!
Orlando Campaign
Tuesday, January 12, 2015
College Student Information
Convention Information
Convention information
# of International visitors
Where are they coming from?
How many?
Type of convention

Hotel Information
Even more conventions!
Alternative Sources of Data
Orlando is recognized as the
largest cluster of Modeling, Simulation and Training (MS&T) companies, and is quickly gaining the attention of global partners as the premier MS&T resource
2 hour Drive
15,000+ International students
142 Different countries
1-2 Trips per year

30,000+ trips
Houses & Horses
Ocala/Central Florida considered horse capital of the World

Home to 300 thoroughbred farms and training centers

Ocala has the largest population of horses and ponies in the USA

Day of Week
Capacity of ships
Marine fares
International Crews
Cluster of MS&T
Second busiest cruise port in the World!
Trips per year
Expected to be busiest cruise port in the United States
2 Trips Per Student

3-4 Years
What does 4 C's , 2 H's, & ASD Have in common?
Sleeps 32 people!
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