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About the Alliance Board of Directors - Application

No description

Minnesota Alliance

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of About the Alliance Board of Directors - Application

With Youth

Join the
copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
Board of Directors
The most important skills for success are passion and commitment!
You'll get to work with a group of professional adults and committed youth that help direct Minnesota Alliance With Youth. Your voice helps shape the future of the Alliance's programs, outreach, and service to its community.

You'll attend 4 Board meetings per year that are timed for after school. When you're a Board member, you are also on a Committee, and you'll attend 4 of those meetings per year. Plus, you'll attend annual events.

You'll grow your skills in leadership, gain experience, develop a network of supporters, and have fun!
Be the Spark!

Our mission is to ignite the spark in all young people in Minnesota to become actively engaged, develop strong voices, and acquire the skills needed for success in school, work, and life.
What will you do as a Committee member?
If you choose to only apply only for a Committee, you choose between either the Development Committee or Finance Committee.

In the Development Committee, you'll help the Alliance develop sustainable long-term financial resources and partnerships with people and organizations, and help plan big events and fundraisers like the Red Wagon Awards. Plus, keep our programs strong, like our Promise Fellow Alumni Network.

In the Finance Committee, you'll advise the Board on financial matters affecting the organization. It's a great way to learn about managing money in a business setting and strategies that make an organization grow.

There's a few things we expect out of a great
Board member that you should know about and
be ready to commit to!
We envision all young people in Minnesota to be highly connected to their communities, have hope for a brighter future and to be able to fulfill their dreams. We share common values of Equity, Collaboration and Quality.
What will I do on the
Board of Directors?
You can choose to apply to be a member of the Board of Directors, or only to a Committee, or to both, depending on your interests and goals. You define your success!
Here's what you'll need for the journey.
Be a supporter! Tell your friends, family and community groups about the issues we care about and how we help to solve them!
Be reliable and ready! Make sure membership fits into your busy schedule! Plan your schedule around Board and Committee meetings so you can regularly attend.
Be an ambassador! Attend Alliance events, like retreats or special events like Global Youth Service Day and the Red Wagon Awards.
Be a leader! Speak up and contribute your skills, knowledge and experiences to the Board or Committee.
Positively represent the organization to leaders in your community, teachers, fellow students, and community groups.
email jbartlett@mnyouth.net
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