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Social Media Careers for N00bs

I got 99 problems, but a tweet ain't one.

Kelly Lynne

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Social Media Careers for N00bs

Social Media Careers for N00bs
About Me
As MJ sang, "I'm starting with the Man in the mirror".....
Where to start:
Where to look:
VIP skills:
Social isn't just about being "social"...
Never get discouraged when people illigitimize your job!
It's not what you know it's who you know and what they can teach you. Learn from the best!
Constantly consume media! Nobody cares about something that happened yesterday, social is right. now.
A couple more tips...
Kelly-Lynne Russell
Social Media and Publications Specialist
American Urological Association

Tweet along using #QAkellynner

 From Ann Arbor, MI (Go Blue!)
UMBC Alumna- English and MCS
Current:Social Media and Publications Specialist at the AUA
Blogger at CharmCityThriftanista.com
Some of the highlights in Social this year:
Where is Social Media in 2014?
“Find something that is effortless, that you
would do even if you weren't getting paid with a team of people you consider family.
Find a job that doesn't feel like a job and that puts you square in your zone of genius.
Then you can just enjoy life.”
-Nichole Kelly, President, Social Media Explorer | SME Digital
“Any aspiring social media professional should assume that potential employers will scour over their Internet presence with a fine tooth comb.
Make sure you have an active presence on more than one public-facing network and make sure anything you don't want employers to see has been set to ‘private
.’”- Ali Walton, Social Media Specialist, SalesWarp
“Social media strategy cannot be created in isolation of overall marketing efforts. It must be an extension of a brand's voice across platforms...Have a good understanding of social media networks so you can make the best call on behalf of the brand. A.K.A.
Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's never going to happen
!”- Maria Satyshur, Marketing Manager, dlr | marketing
“The one main thing you need to be successful is to be yourself,
authenticity is the key to true engagement
, whether personal or professional.”- Andrew M. Smith, Social Media Manager, TSL Marketing
Who you are
An excellent writer
Web proficient
Team oriented
Chill wearing many hats
Entrepreneurial in nature
Diplomatic and good with people
Perfect your personal brand
Apply to internships with companies that have TIME for your development.
Network and learn as much as you can, read everything and then blog and tweet about it all.
Attend a conference, group, meetup or anything social in the area. If you don't have the funds, ask how you can get a discount or volunteer.
LinkedIn groups
Meetup groups
Twitter Search #SocialMedia AND Jobs
Job boards
Places like PRSA, Mashable and Daily Muse
Photo editing and video editing ability
Basic html and CSS
Publication and web writing
Web design and graphic design
PR skills
Dashboards like Hootsuite and Sprout Social
Adobe suite
Languages like Mandarin and Spanish
Other experience: Medical, music, fashion, etc. etc.
Social Media Analytics skills...Math comes in handy...finally
7 am- Wake up and Check Twitter for updates that have come in through the night.
8:30 am: Arrive for work. Warm up some oatmeal for breakfast and check emails, Hootsuite, Twitter and Facebook DM's. RT tweets that have come in through the night from our international members.
9:00 am: Daily meeting with my team. We go over goals for the week and projects. Currently working on Facebook ads, Blogging strategy,
permissions for our Social sites and customizing a Social Media submission document for in-house clients that submit (sometimes horrifically awful) content.
10 am: Work with Government relations team to live-tweet from the American Medical Association Meeting and Urology caucus. Search all hashtags and handles of participants and topics. *Super important!*
Hour by Hour:
A Day in the Life of a Community Manager

10:30 am: Begin work on blog strategy. This 5-7 page document will include: editorial calendar, link to larger SoMe strategy, introduction, best practices, governance and some recommended content.
11:06 am: Twitter EMERGENCY!
We get word that a morning talk show has been tweeting some dicey quotes from a Doctor relating to Prostate Cancer testing. Team meets to discuss messaging. Our handle EXPLODES with tweets and mentions from angry Uros.
12 pm: I grab some of the banana bread my co-worker brought in (job perks)! And eat my lunch/work on sending out an email for my blog and checking through Insta and Snapchats.
12:45 pm: I make last minute edits for an article on ED that I wrote for one of the AUA publications.....

Graphics have to be approved and layout has to be run through QC with the Creative Team.

Creative always has great stuff in their cave. Like this little phallic statue and weird sexual dysfunction books. Oh #UROLOGY!

1:00pm: My boss sends over some photos for me to upload to Facebook and Twitter. I then log the content into a file I keep of all of the clients. This is imperative for running my client and Social Media reports every month.
2:00pm: I scour all AUA publications, Urology articles, google alerts, Tweets and emails for Social Media content to schedule in Hootsuite throughout the week.

I also check Pinterest for a wee bit of #HumpDayHumor content !
3:00 pm: Schedule the daily newsletter to go out with AUA content.

Make sure to proofread x 100000.
4:00pm: One of the Docs needs help with submitting a manuscript. I put on my Customer Service hat and direct him to DM ---> Email. #win
5:00pm: Listen to a great speech by the AMA president...Med and Star Wars are about as good as it gets for AUA twitter! #alltheengagement
5:30 pm: Head out for the day...work on sending out some more live tweets from the Caucus on the train ride home while listening to podcasts.
6:00 pm: I get home and finally have some time to publish my blog.

Only one week left until the Mobbies (The Oscars of the SoMe world!)
9:30 pm: I sip some SleepyTime tea and answer the last slew of tweets as the Docs race the clock to submit for our Annual Meeting.

This is not a conventional 9-5. Social Media is ALWAYS awake.
10:30 pm: I finally head to bed. Hootsuite tweets for me through the night so this Community Manger can get some rest!

I wish I knew how much data and analyzing is involved. Everything you put out in to the world has some sort of impact. One of the trickiest things to do is to track the results of your facebook posts, twitter feed, etc and analyze how efficient or inefficient the effect was...
I'm constantly trying to sell people a product, through the image of a brand, without them realizing it
! -Jolie Savelle Kumin, Social Media Marketing Manager, Pixilated Photo Booth
You can find this presentation and more SoMe advice on my FB page:
Kelly-Lynne Russell
You can also Tweet me your questions via #QAkellynner

Thanks so much!

The only job where being on FB at work is encouraged!
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