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ATS vision for IT in teaching & learning

ATS Vision for IT in teaching & learning

Paul Cairns

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of ATS vision for IT in teaching & learning

Archbishop Temple School
Vision for IT in teaching & Learning
Time frame
U-Learning "The computer is integral by embedded in to the background of daily life"
"Ubiquitous computing allows us to envision a classroom in which the teacher remains focused on his or her field of expertise while still utilising technology to enhance student learning" (Crowe 2007)
Two attributes of mobile technology:
Increase an individual's organisational skills and self-regulative learning ability
support communication, collaboration and knowledge construction
Mobile technology developments support influential work of educationalist John Hattie
Windows 8 most suited. Our school requirements our:
pro tablet to allow downloading of software preferably 64gb+
long battery life (preferably 10+ hours)
tablet with detachable keyboard
budget under £450
ACER Iconia W510 10.1 inch screen- currently only device to fit most of the criteria above (only 32gb storage), 18hr battery with docking station cost £395
Ergo hybrid - 11.6"screen, 64gb storage cost £530 ex VAT
Dell Latitude - 10.1" screen, customise upto 64gb, although no keyboard for approx £450
Asus Vivotab Smart - 10.1" screen 64gb storage, 8hr battery, cost £395 (no keyboard)
Asus Smartbook - 11.6" touch screen, 500gb storage cost £379 (keyboard not detachable only 5hr battery
Whole school -
Office 365 offers cloud-based subscription to Office products including email, shared calenders and 50gb online storage - this will free up our network and there will no longer be the need to rely on staff and pupil areas and will allow flexibility to work from home
screen management software allowing teachers to instruct, monitor, interact and display material on an IWB from devices
two possible solutions - Netsupport V11 & Displaynote
GCSEpod - revision based podcasts for all GCSE subjects will be embedded on to a year 11 moodle revision page from Easter.
Department resources -
departments to identify suitable e-resources (e-textbooks, web-based software, revision materials) that can be embedded into the VLE to improve quality of teaching and learning in their subject area (most major publishers are developing e-resources eg Pearson and Hodder and myworks etc now have extended material for range of subjects)
details of resources and costings to be brought to next meeting for discussion and to see where possible cross over/group subscription opportunities lie
wireless solution to be installed Easter 2013
Firefly VLE under development available for departments to resource Year 7 from June 2013
e-resources to be embedded into VLE from June 2013 onwards
devices - 6 Acer devices to be purchased in the coming weeks for departments to trial
more devices to be phased into departments from April 2013
1:1 Windows 8 devices to be implemented with all new Year 7 pupils from September 2014
Case studies
Windows 8 tablet, Acer - Alec Hunter College, Braintree. Saltash.net Community School, Plymouth
Apple IOS, Ipad - Queen Katherine School, Kendal, Priory Academy, Penwortham, Harrogate Grammar School, Essa Academy, Bolton
Android devices - Samsung Galaxy - Cramlington Learning Village
Netbooks, Toshiba - Skipton Girls Grammar School
April 2013 implemented whole school wireless solution - enables every classroom to support the use of mobile devices (laptops, phones and tablets
April 2013 launched GCSEPod - software allowing pupils to stream revision material to their devices
May 2013 launched Firefly - virtual learning platform enables homework tasks to be set and completed online and learning resources to be shared (launched with Year 7)
December 2013 following the success of Doddle in the Science Department whole school purchase - provides online learning resources, quizzes and tests. Self assessment and feedback
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