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world geography chapter 2 vocabulary

No description

Michael Meyers

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of world geography chapter 2 vocabulary

World Geography Vocab 1 Area at the center of Earth, which includes a solid inner core and a hot liquid outer core. core Earth's thickest layer, found between the core and the crust mantle hot melted rock inside of Earth that flows to the surface when a volcano erupts magma crust the upper most layer of earth large landmass that rises above an ocean continent scientific theory that explains how process within the Earth form continents and cause their movement plate tectonics sudden and violent movement of Earth's crust that shakes the land, and can cause great damage earthquake a crack in the Earth's crust where two tectonic plates meet; prone to earthquakes fault process in which rock is broken into smaller pieces by water and ice, chemicals, or even plants weathering process by which weathered bits of rock are moved elsewhere by water, wind, or ice erosion plateau off of a continent that lies under the ocean and stretches for several miles continental shelf deep cut in the ocean floor trench water that filters through the soil into the ground groundwater underground layer of rock through which water flows aquifer system in which water moves from the Earth to the air and back to Earth water cycle part of the water cycle; process by which water changes from liquid to gas evaporation part of the water cycle; process by which water changes from gas to liquid condensation part of the water cycle; process by which water falls to the Earth as, for example, rain or snow precipitation part of the water cycle; process by which streams and rivers carry water that has fallen to the Earth back to the oceans collection totsiens GOOD BYE!!!!! or'var dyw genes farvel au revoir avtio ciao la revedere
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