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Data Collection and Processing in IB Chemistry

No description

Chris Lahey

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Data Collection and Processing in IB Chemistry

Data Collection and Processing
in IB Chemistry Q&A Any questions? Aspect - a particular part
or feature of something Raw Data - data
that you collect Quantitative - a
measured quantity or
value, e.g. 38.0˚C Qualitative - a quality of
something, e.g. shiny Uncertainty - the range of
possible values in a
measurement, e.g. 14.5 +/-0.5
means it could be 15 or 14 The IB Data Collection and Processing Criteria Processing - perform
a series of mathematical
steps on the raw data Presenting - show the
processed work in an
appropriate way Error - the result of a
difference between
the recorded value
and the generally
accepted value. Random error - an error
in which there is an equal
probability of the result
being too high or too low. Systematic error - an error
resulting from poor
experimental design. Propagated means a final
absolute and percentage
uncertainty are calculated. Unambiguous - Not open
to more than one
interpretation. Your turn! Look at the exemplars and decide what mark they should receive. Experiment 1 Experiment 5
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