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saving the planet!!;


legoman 2408

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of saving the planet!!;

Persuasive speech why polluting is bad by legoman2408 Tune in Pollution is one of the worst Habbits that us humans have to offer and we don't realise it!!! Signpost If you want to find out more don't move a muscle and keep listening. Organiser 1 A clean world is vital to all living creatures on this this planet including us humans. For example did you know around 80% of people each year pollute the earth by either burning coal and tires or just littering.Do you think we should let this carry on? Do you want to watch this planet burn before your eyes? Well I don't so i'm going to do something about it but i'll need your help because this planet is turning into a dark, poluted and destroyed world.Only you can help.Only you! Organiser 2 polution not only effects the world and us humans but the poor, frail and scared animals on this planet however most of it is caused by us!It's time to stop! Think about how you could be one of those super heros on TV like spiderman or superman just by helping to stop the pollution. Organiser 3 People don't realise what they are doing to themselves, the planet and the animals like snow lepords, red squirels and blue whales are becoming extinct, furthermore if this carries on we could be next on the list if we don't cut this horrible habbit so just listen to this word:STOP! Wake up Now I think you know the hard and nasty consequences for your own actions and hopefully you take something away from what I have just said. Thank you
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