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How Meaty is Your Source?

Having trouble deciding if you should use a source in a paper? Use this short guide to decide!

Sarah Hepler

on 2 November 2011

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Transcript of How Meaty is Your Source?

Intention? Bibliography? Why did the author write it? Were they trying to inform you... ...or persuade you? ...but other times this is VERY important! Does it have links or citations? If a source has links or citations, you can make sure that the author used good references. If not, then the author could be plagaiarizing or even making up a lot of information! Does the author have specialized knowledge in the area? ...not someone who THINKS they know about the subject. Whenever you find a source for a project, you should always ask yourself: "How meaty is my source?" To answer this question, you want to look at 4 Criteria: Purpose When? How long ago was it written?

In other words, you want an expert when possible... Author? Sometimes this doesn't matter too much... Credentials Timeliness References
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