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Still Life Artists

4 still life artists

Flaming Bunnies

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Still Life Artists

STILL lIFE ARTISTS Giorgio Morandi Studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in 1907
Taught himself to etch by studying books on Rembrandt During the war, his still lifes became more reduced in their compositional elements and purer in form focuses on subtle gradations of hue, tone, and objects arranged in a unifying atmosphere From 1930 to 1956 he was a professor of etching at Accademia di Belle Arti In 1948, Venice Biennale awarded him first prize for painting
1957 won the grand prize in São Paulo's Biennal
Died in Bologna in 1964 One of the most impressive Italian painters of his day Concentrated on still life and landscapes Great sensitivity to…
•compositional balance
"Nothing is more abstract than reality" His Style His Awards His life Natura Morta Painted in 1955 oil on canvas
contains two visually opposite vases
shows a mix of reality and abstract

rough texture; sujest imperfectness
has used simple shape, colour and line
the objects of focus are always in the centre of the canvas your eyes are first drawn to the imperfect vase;
colour difference
mood is solem and depressing; colour
interesting; colour; shape

Willem Kalf By: Jane, Clare, KD, Adrian and Ola His Life (1619 - 31 July 1693) Dutch Willem Kalf was born in 1619 into a fairly well-off merchant family in Rotterdam, moved to Paris to began his artistic career. His first still life paintings were much less ornate, exploring themes of simple kitchens and interiors. Later on he Sold art for a living Moved on to more ornate paintings His Style very expensive props he was just interested in studying the way light and color gleamed off of reflective surfaces. Most of Kalf’s paintings are carefully composed images of gold or silver goblets, pitchers, and bowls; usually surrounded by various pieces of fruit and lying on ornately woven cloth. Today he’s considered one of the greatest still life painters in all of art history. Great sensitivity to...
A LOT of DETAIL Still-Life with lobster and the drinking horn Very Ornate Very Detailed Attention to lighting Lots of peeled lemons Still-life with a ginger jar, a Roemer, a porcelain plate, an orange and a lemon Everything used in his paintings were valuable at the time he was alive Often cluttered Henri Matisse The Red Studio (1911) Also known as L'Atelier Rouge
Oil on canvas
Named 5th most influencial artwork on modern
visual arts of today.
The Museum of Modern Art, New York Many works of art e.g statues and paintings
I think this is where an artist works (possibly Matisse's himself)
Called the Red Studio hence the setting placed in a red working area.
Very wobbly and rigid technique
First went through background and worked towards foreground
Different strokes, therefore fairly detalied
Canvas now not visible No actual focal point
Things are balanced around
Very lifelike setting but exxagerated, abstract coulours e.g. very red
All paintings are long
A very peaceful mood
Pleasing and reminds me of
an artist's soothing working environment Born- 31st December 1869
Died- 3rd November 1964
Aged 84
Style- Fauvism (colours over reality)
Works: The Red Studio, The Snail, Creole Dancer etc.
Nationality- French
The Red Studio named 5th most influencial modern art of
all time

Reclining Nude 1 was sold for 9.2 million US

30 of paintings have been bought by museums

Led the movement of Fauvism along with Andre Derain

One of the three seminal artists of the 20th century along with Picasso and Marcel Duchamp

Oriental Poppies
She enjoyed Painting Fruits and Flowers Born Novemboer 15th 1887 Wisconsin
She was an American Artist
She was from a familt of seven children In 1905 she attended an art institute in Chicago
A year later she went on to study at the art students league of New York Georgia o' Keeffe
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