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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

No description

Lee-Anne Cavalier

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas The Grinch's Defense Mechanisms Freud's Personality Theory And the end of the movie, after the Grinch's heart grows, and he saves Cindy Lou Who, the Grinch's personality changes. It looks as if his personality suddenly is in balance again. His ego is no longer controlled by solely the id, the superego has a voice as well. Although the Grinch is not the "nicest" who in all of Whoville, he is definitely making substantial commitments to acting in ways that are morally correct. The Id, Ego & Superego The id, ego & superego Freud's theory on personality mainly focuses on the unconscious. He described one's personality as an "energy system", which has three main parts that explain how the mind functions, the id, the ego & the super ego. The id is defined as the reservoir of the instinctual & biological urges. The superego, the moral portion of the personality, the source of conscience & high ideals, and the ego, the rational portion, generally the mediator, balancing the id & the superego. Beginning of the movie: Ending of Movie: At the start of the movie, The Grinch, from Freud's point of view, would have had an imbalanced personality. The Grinch's ego would have been considered to be doing a horrible job of balancing the id & the superego. It appeared as though the Grinch had no remnants of a superego what so ever, no moral ground to stand on. Therefore the ego would be consumed by the id, following the "I want it know!" form of thinking. The Grinch's Defense Mechanisms Defense Mechanisms Freud also explained that the ego's job is so difficult that it has to resort to use defense mechanisms. These mechanisms are used to defend the ego from experiencing anxiety about failing in its tasks. If used correctly and not too often, these defense mechanisms can help people solve some of their problems. The 8 defense mechanisms are rationalization, repression, denial, projection, reaction formation, regression, displacement and sublimation. The Grinch exhibited many defense mechanisms at the start of the movie, he primarily used: projection, displacement, denial, rationalization.
#1 - Projection, The Grinch says this to Cindy Lou Who": What's the matter with you are you some sort of wild animal?" When he in fact is the one acting like a wild animal. He also projects the horrible aspects of his childhood on his two caregivers by pretending not to care about them, he says "You two are still alive?!?"
#2-Displacement, Displaces anger of nonacceptance of his childhood peers, on Christmas, when Christmas did nothing to the Grinch. He also displaces his anger for the Whos on other things, he says "Am I just eating because I'm bored?" When really he is feeling low because of Christmas.
#3-Denial, After being invited to the Whobilation, the Grinch claims he can't find the time to go, when he actually has absolutely nothing to do instead. The Grinch also states "I've got all the company I need right here." When he actually only has the company of Max.
#4-Sublimation, The Grinch hates Christmas because of his horrible childhood incident, so he takes his anger out on the Whos by physical activities of terror, for example causing a car accident, or mixing up all the mail. Also commits act of terror after the mayor reminds him of the childhood incident by giving him a razor. The Grinch also exhibited defense mechanisms near the end of the movie, he primarily used: projection, displacement, denial, rationalization.
#1 - Projection, He projects his the love in his heart on the Whos by singing a Christmas carol with them, (although he does not know the words). He also projects his newly arrived appreciation of morals by pretty much asking the police officer to take him to jail because of the crimes he has committed.
#2-Displacement, He displaces his new found love for Christmas on to Cindy Lou who and saves her.
#3-Regression, After the Mayor's possible fiance dumps him & chooses the Grinch instead, the Grinch reacts by laughing in the Mayor's face, like a little child would. He also asks if anyone would like a portion of the meat-type thing he is carving, then after someone points out that he or she would like to have it, the Grinch quickly states that it is his.
#4-Denial, when the Grinch's heart begins to grow, the Grinch does not want to admit it, he yells this to his dog: "MAX. HELP ME...I'm FEELING.
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