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Esperanza International

NGO Description, and Shameless ASB Advertisment

Robert Avakian

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Esperanza International

find yourself
is to lose yourself
in the service of

-Mahatma Gandhi Alertnate Spring Break Winery Baja California Orphanage Arcadia University Community Service Office Cindy Rubino ^ Fun 40 vollunteers from Arcadia University chose
to volunteer on their spring break 2010 with
Esperanza International in Tijuana, Mexico Here's where it is Esperanza Mission Statement Esperanza International is a non-profit, charitable organization that is dedicated to empowering the poor by helping them bridge existing needs with available resources. By selecting and supporting a local family, Esperanza enables them to participate in the process, while promoting self sustaining responsible social development. The goal is to plant the seeds, provide assistance as requested, then step back and let the family implement the tools provided by Esperanza. Facilitation of Projects
- Not 'aid' The main focus of a volunteer is to instigate initiative within the struggling family by providing a venue for more positive social development. The principal objective is community development through self-help housing projects in the neighborhoods. The all important ingredient in these projects is community involvement. Families participate in the decision-making, direction, and administration of loan funds as well as in the physical work of block-making for their home construction. Esperanza International and its valuable volunteers provide the seven distinct communities with the ability to become self-sustaining.
Our Work Site Our Awsome Bus Us on Our Awesome Bus Is Tijuana Safe? Travel Advisory Drug Wars Bad Reputation Problems In Mexico Esperanza's Part Bad Drinking Sources Their Home Criticisms

-Need better PR on safety
-Find reliable outside sources
of funding
-Better working ties to other NGO's
in Tijuana... Building houses can't do
it all! Esperanza's History

Founded in 1984 in United States By:
Robert Morris
Decan Al Graff
FR. John Howard

Founded for the purpose of building homes in Tijuana. Questions? Did We Feel Safe? Health

Micro Credit

Social Service
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