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Strategic Grant Planning

Proactive Grant Planning in a Chaotic World

Penny Jobe

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Strategic Grant Planning

Priorities Proactive Plan ahead Reactive Unanticipated
Opportunities Strategic Grant Planning 3 - 5 YEAR APPLICATION CALENDAR Dol
Completion by Design Accelerating
Opportunities ... small Back to Work n Consortium #1 ... small Consortium #2? Plan as much as you can, but be flexible
Keep your finger on the pulse of the organization
Know how and when to say “no,” and don’t be too subtle
No matter what the time crunch, have someone look over
your shoulder one last time
Keep the faith . . . with some healthy skepticism

Rarely is a grant competition purely objective
Perfection doesn't happen. All the successful projects
you've completed in the past will outshine one
or two mistakes.
Handle any mistakes with grace, humility and a complete
willingness to fix the problem right away
Celebrate your successess -- throw a "launch party"
when your college is awarded a major grant and
thank everyone who contributed to the success Out of the blue . . . NCCCS
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