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A report on Heroes of Olympus

The heroes of olympus is my favorite series and there for, should the first thing i review/report.

Johnny Craig

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of A report on Heroes of Olympus

A report on Heroes of Olympus Book 1 The lost hero
By John Discordia
Hello fillies and gentlecolts I'm John Discordia. I'm crazy enough to review it cause...
You know I actually need to work on that.
You know, slogans can wait. Let's just start this thing. Let's talk about an author named Rick Riordan.
This man was, once upon a time, a simple history teacher in San Antonio, Texas. He had also been a novice writer, creating a small mystery series called Tres navarre. It was a creative enough book series but didn't exactly break any grounds in literature.
By the way, what Tres Navarre could possibly mean in English, only Celestia knows. Google translate gave me nothing.
The guy is well respected by his students, colleagues, and family. Not really as a writer, but for being a nice guy
Speaking of family. It was actually because of his son that he became a well recognized writer
Well, his son and Riordans history class, but besides the point.
Riordan had decided to tell a series of stories to his son at night as a bedtime story. Stories of a demigod and his adventures.After telling them to his history class, they found them great enough to suggest turning it into a novel. These stories soon became...
Percy Jackson and the-
That is a shameless piece of crap cash grab that doesn't even come CLOSE to the awesomeness and creativity of the original books!
These are what I mean people. See? Books! Actual paper and covers. No need for some fancy cameras and T.V's to enjoy.
The series was about a teen named Percy Jackson, the half-blood son of Poseidon, and his adventures as he traveled across all kinds of plains of greek mythology. Monsters such as Medusa, gods like Dionysus, and infamous greek half-bloods are just a few kinds of things he encounters through his stories.
The series was well received by all kinds of audiences for it's well written and relateable characters, great sense of humor, and a plot device in the form of a great prophecy that kept you wondering til that big moment when all is revealed. It easily became my favorite book series.
Sadly though. All great things come to an end.
On May fifth, 2009, the final book in the series released. Ending the series on a satisfying note. Leaving fans with a small twinge of sadness knowing the series had ended.
Riordan decided to leave us on a final note in Chapter 22 page 368. A
great prophecy! Told by new oracle Rachel Elizabeth Dare. The prophecy is as quoted.
Seven half bloods shall answer the call
to storm or fire the world must fall.
An oath to keep with a final breath
as foes bear arms at the Doors of death
Holy crap! We had no idea what to expect! Would we get some new book? Would it be a continuation of this series?
Crazy enough cause... cause...
Love this character by the way. Nailed Kronos in the eye with a blue plastic hair brush. Boo ya!!!
Or was he just pulling our legs and going to sneak off to some secure bunker with all the money he made from the books?
Thankfully for him, it was the second one. On October Twelfth, 2010, we got the first book in a new series called...
The Heroes of Olympus book one; The
Lost Hero.
The new series gave a bit more of a roman side to the mythology, breathing new life into the series.
But does it hold up? Are the characters enjoyable? Are the villains as creative and fun? Does it hold up to it's mythological source? Does it offer a new writing style that is interesting and fresh to his craving fans?
But let's see WHY specifically it became so great.
Every one knows that if you want to have a new york times best seller, you better have some great characters
The characters in Percy Jackson were some of the most creative I've seen in a while, Whether they're based on mythology or were of original design.
The new series does not disappoint in this regard, as it continues to add new characters from both greek and roman mythology.
So lets start this section off with some of the new main characters.
Jason is the first new character that's introduced in the series, and is the first chapter in the Lost Hero. He's a nice protagonist counter part to Percy as while Percy is laid back and relaxed, Jason is more focused and serious to a goal. Granted Percy is still focused on his goal, Jason is much more along the lines of "get to the goal". He's seen to his comrades as a leader but is more comfortable sharing the leadership since at his old camp, Camp Jupiter - a camp for Roman Demigods instead of Greeks - he was a praetor, a position that's shared by two people. Since he was born a leader, he feels like he should be the one holding everyone up, not them holding him. Which kind of makes times where he's knocked out embarrassing for him.
Did I mention he was raised by wolves? Not exactly good to put on your resume. Especially when the wolf who raised you would eat you alive if you showed any weakness. Or did one selfish thing. Or...
Are you questioning my parenting methods, lunch?
No ma'am! Moving right along!
Piper McLean
Now Piper is actually the girlfriend of Jason from beginning to end, but is extremely depressed when she learns that was just an illusion of the mist. But again, she does manage to get him back near the end of the book. She's extremely supportive of Jason and is kind of the 'motivational speaker'. She's always able to keep her friend's spirits up and can get them out of sticky situations using her charm speak, a special gift that only certain children of Aphrodite have that allows them to control anyone with their voice.
"What?! A daughter of Aphrodite against the most terrifying Greek monsters in existence? Preposterous! We have the son of Mars! A son of Poseidon! even a-"
Same goes for all of you character skeptics out there who think that since she's a daughter of love, she's all pathetic and princessy in this!
Piper has come to be one of the strongest female protagonists I've seen in literature. Heck, I'd even say stronger than Katniss Everdeen! Reason being that since she's a daughter of Aphrodite, she wants to prove that she's more than what the rest of the children of Aphrodite! In fact, it makes her more of a threat because you don't expect to find a three inch dagger up to your throat six seconds later!
Jack, for the love of-
Fun fact that's actually Katropis, Helen of troy's knife. Means looking glass. Can look into the future. NEXT!
Leo Valdez
Now we're getting somewhere. Leo is probably my favorite character in the series. This small son of Hephaestus is a mechanical prodigy who always has some funny line to say in the story, whether it's mocking Gaea by comparing her to toilet sludge in a perfect way or just trying to get out of a jam by speaking. Every word from him is absolute gold! He actually is funny though to hide his sadness. You know the saying, "the saddest ponies smile the brightest?" Well, when he was six, he accidentally burnt down a garage, causing him to lose his mom.
Comedy and tragic back story is not the only reason I like this character though. He almost single handedly built a giant flying battleship, fixed an Archimedes sphere, can shoot fire from his hands, and reprogrammed a freaking dragon. Twice!
He's my favorite character in the good reason. Well developed, well humored, and well connectable.
At this point I need to point out that I was going to do a take on Hazel and Frank from son of neptune, but I ran out of time and had to cut it short. SO I have to do The lost hero only. Freaking deadlines. Taking away from my creative genius.
Story Style
Percy Jackson and the Olympians had a certain style to it, as it was from the first person perspective of Percy himself.
Keep in mind. I just talked about three new characters in one book. Each with a different personality. SO how do you tell a story from this kind of perspective without getting repetitive or boring?
Because of the new style, the books actually feel more like a movie or video game rather than a simple F.P.P.O.V (First Person Point Of View)
We also now get some much more clear details about certain events, characters, and places in the story.
However since the perspective is limited, it's just that. Limited. We still get to know the characters feelings, reactions and thoughts, just from an altered point of view.
Simple. Change the perspective from first person to third person limited.
The way the chapters is handled is also a good change of pace, as it changes among each of the characters every third chapter, so we get to see different obstacles the characters face if they're separated from one another.
Take this scenario for example. In House of Hades, while the crew of the Argo II are heading to Greece, Percy and Annabeth are in Tartarus. It's a very interesting way to keep things flowing without interruption and I think it works in the books favor.
And how about the mythology choice? By choosing Roman mythology Riordan not only managed to keep things familiar for die hard fans of the series, but also kept things open for expanding the world that's created.
We get to see some new villains like the giants of Greece, but also new characters like Lupa, the protector and mother of Romulus and Remus.
Even though they killed each other any way fighting over who would control Rome, so I'm not so sure she did her job all to well. I mean, she raised them, so did she also teach them that it's okay to...
Very effective parenting method I mean! Why would they start fighting if one of them is dead already?! Plus survival of the fittest, right?
Final Thoughts
Earlier I stated that the Percy Jackson series was my favorite book series of all time. I memorized each one front to back, event by event, chapter by chapter.
But the more I think about it, this is a very close second. Possibly even tied.
Riordan knew what made the book great and extenuated it to a degree where it's even better.
With fantastic stories, wonderful characters, and a fantastic plot base, I have no trouble giving this book and it's series gets a Five Star rating from me.
This report was a whole lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. Maybe I'll do it again sometime. Maybe a review of a movie. In fact...
Hey Jack, Got any movies for me?
Written and presented by Johnny Craig
Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus is by Rick Riordan
Metroid prime and Metroid Other M is of Nintendo
Skyrim is of Bethesda's design
Next Time: Percy Jackson an the Olympians: The Lightning Thief movie
Trust me people. It won't be pretty.
Ending theme:
Super Mario 64, Big band version. Because It's a good ending theme. Play when ready. :)
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