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v9 AT Equipment Sales

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Transcript of v9 AT Equipment Sales

We are parents, former students and athletes who realize
the value and difference the educational experience
makes not only in communities, but the world.

Our 25+ years of experience in partnering with educational
institutions to help them achieve their missions has afforded
us a rewarding opportunity to contribute to greatness.
About Us
Our Core Pillars
Value Proposition
We know what you purchase and how it’s installed makes for a successful project.
Our hands-on approach allows us to see all of our projects through to completion.

We never lose sight of the quality of your project and are 100% committed to the success of your mission. You’ll be kept informed every step of the way, to
reinforce that you’ve made the right decision in working with us.

This is, and will always be, our approach to business.
Designed with your organization in mind
Educational environments which are comfortable and inspiring for students and educators to thrive.
Washroom accessories built with superior design
and include a variety of options for any budget.

Performance based gym equipment and secure seating
for students and spectators alike.
Office furniture will not only make a visual difference,
but may enhance your work environment and productivity.
Auditorium seating and accessories that are unique in design and appearance
to keep attendees comfortable and engaged.
Turn a plain hallway into a creative corridor
with a variety of display, seating and storage options.

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