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Princeton Black Student Athlete community

Rough presentation of B-SAC--- Princeton Black Student Athlete Community Initiative

Isaac Serwanga

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Princeton Black Student Athlete community


Committed to providing a community that enriches the social and cultural Princeton Black student-athlete experience
How do we strengthen the community?
So... What Now?
Joining Forces
Steve Mills '81 is working with the athletic department along with African American Studies Dept. to establish a lecture series discussing how sports and athletes influence pop culture.
What is the Issue?
Princeton University lacks a platform where the existing Black community can connect and relate through concerns or ideas in attempt to promote the Black student-athlete (BSA) experience.
The Black student athlete (BSA) challenges are compounded as both an athlete while belonging to the racial minority at Princeton. Although this is a very concentrated group, the obstacles in regards to both social and cultural differences from some existing Princeton communities can be daunting
and difficult to face alone.

B-SAC structure will consist of triads:

1 triad= 1) Underclassmen 2) Upperclassmen 3) Alumnus

Peer referencing
Career Outlook
Where is
my support?
In the first meet & greet in September, students and alumni will fill out a survey which will help determine the triad they will remain in for the year.
Underclassmen: Sport? Hometown? General career field interests? Family background?

Upperclassmen: Sport? Internship background? Career Interests?

Alumni: Sport? Career field?
Our initial aim is to have triads connect and keep in contact at least 2-3 times a semester
Intimate structure provides easy flow of information
Career Hunting Strategies
Establish cornerstones of a Visible Black community on campus
A community exists through both its people and its physical establishments
B-SAC needs to establish a designated area on campus to hold a barbershop.

Every 3 weeks, B-SAC invites a local barber to cut student-athletes hair.

This is one initiative B-SAC can support and be a part of to begin with along with others.
Isaac Serwanga '13
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