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Science Project-Cleaning Pennies

No description

Liliana Betancourt

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Science Project-Cleaning Pennies

Cleaning Pennies
Review of Literature
The rust on the most commonly appears on pennies is caused by the combination of copper oxide, air, dirt, and oils in the surroundings making the pennies dull. For the tarnish to be removed from the penny there must be an acid that can dissolve the oxide very effectively. Using Vinegar and Salt to clean the tarnish off of pennies has been a long used method due to the reaction of the acetic acid and the mix of salt has, thus revealing the bright copper metal underneath. Ketchup also has been effectively used in the past due to the vinegar and salt concentration found in Ketchup.
10 minutes
Before After

The purpose of this project is to determine what solution (out of 6) can clean a rusted penny better.
I believe that the vinegar and salt will clean the pennies better compared to the other solutions because vinegar mixed with salt creates an acid that can clean what is called copper oxide which in other words is the rust on the penny.
12 rusted pennies
6 small bowls
6 different solutions
-Dark soda
-Vinegar & salt
-Lemon juice
-Hot sauce
-Tap water
Camera (optional)
Paper towels

Gather 12 noticeably rusted pennies
In the six different bowls place each different solution
Before placing one penny in a solution take a before picture (optional)
Let pennies sit in the solution for 10 minutes
Take the pennies out and dry them with paper towels
Observe any difference then take an after picture (optional)
Repeat process with the second set of pennies (leave pennies for 20 minutes instead)

Independent: Types of solutions
Dependent: The loss of tarnish on the penny
Constant: Time
20 minutes
Before After
Reference List
My conclusion is that Ketchup was the solution that removed the most tarnish from the rusted penny on a scale of 0-5. Therefore, making my hypothesis incorrect.
*the amount of tarnish removed is measured from a scale of 0-5
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