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Physical and Chemical Properties

Devin Hicks Science, T7

Devin H

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Physical and Chemical Properties

Example of Physical Properties Physical Properties A characteristic of a substance that does not involve a chemical change
Can be observed or measured without changing the matter's identity
Mass, volume, density, color, and odor are the basic physical properties
You use physical properties everyday, like determining if your books will fit into your bag (volume)
Easy to observe
Properties of Matter Remember: Matter takes up space and has mass
Property- describes how an object looks, feels or acts
These have matter: Chemical Properties Describes matter based on its ability to change into new matter
Flammability and reactivity are examples of chemical properties
Aren't easy to observe
A substance always has chemical properties, even if you can't see it Example of Chemical Properties The wood burns, so it is flammable Characteristic Properties Most useful for identifying matter
Always the same regardless of the size of the sample
Examples: density, solubility, flammability, and reactivity By Devin Hicks Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter both the water and the bottle are matter The orange has an odor The orange has a color The orange has a volume The orange has a density You can identify these things without changing the orange. Flammability is a chemical property Iron and oxygen combine to make rust This is an example of reactivity
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