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Existentialism: The Wall

No description

Edie Riggs

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Existentialism: The Wall

The Wall, The Stranger, Groundhog Day
Pablo In The Wall by Jean-Paul Satre, Pablo has been arrested for his involvement in the Spanish Civil War.
After his sentencing, Pablo does not show the typical emotion of a typical human being.
When he observes Tom and Juan's behavior, he is surprised to find that he does not pity them.
Pablo is angered by the doctor's presence but does not feel the urge to harm him.
Pablo begins to reflect during his time there and comes to teh realization that life is pointless. Why has he been chasing immortality?
As dawn comes around, Pablo has accpeted his fate and is ready to die.
Before he dies, he wants to trick the soldiers by telling them that Ramon is in the cemetary. When he discovers that he accidentily gave Ramon up, he laughs. This is when he truelly becoems the absurd hero. In The Stranger, by Albert Camus, Mersualt is, in general, very numb. When his mother dies, he does not show very much emotion. Mersualt goes through his life not caring very much about anything. He has not found a purpose to life. When he shoots the Arab, he does not feel any remorse and does not bother trying to defend himself. While in jail, he has time to reflect upon his life and ask himself the question, "what does life mean?" He accepts his death sentence and wants everyone to be angry with him. In Groundhog Day, Phil is unlike the other extentialist characters from The Stranger and The Wall. In the beginning, Phil is a very self centered man who thinks that he has everything he wants in life. However, he is a shallow man. When he wakes up repeatedly on Groundhog Day, he begins to rebel due to the fact that there are no consequences. He makes a short speech where he emphasizes all the "rules" people are to follow: brush your teeth, don't jump on your bed, don't drive on the traintracks, etc. Later, he asks himself the same question both Pablo and Mersualt did. He then reforms his ways and he begins to help people.
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